In a fog

I feel it coming.
I'm in a bit of a fog this morning.
Is it allergies or is it the dreaded cold that so many have been slogging their way through?
I'll know by tomorrow I'm sure.
I've got some Charlottes Maple Twists rolls rising this morning.
We got up early so that the farmer could get some chores done at dawn.
When he comes in they'll be coming out of the oven.
We're heading into the city this morning .. . .
to the airport. . . .
to see the airplanes leave .. to warmer places .. . .
with out us.
We've promised ourselves a treat later.
Maybe a special dinner out or .. .
(pause here for a sneeze)
dinner in.
Have a wonderful day my friends,
I'm putting my pedometer on but who knows how much effort it will make today.


  1. I do pray it will only be a sneeze or two that you are getting...not the dreaded cold! So far so good at our house.
    Make sure you get some extra rest!

  2. It's not the cold. It's the dampness. Since we moved north over 1 1/2 years ago i have not had so much as a cold, sniffles, or anything. I guess germs can't live in minus 30 conditions. :-)

  3. Oh...oh...You don't want the bug that's been making the rounds! You might need to be cooking some of that chicken soup again.

    Have a good trip to the airport...I'm hoping this snow lets up soon (not much visibility here this morning).

  4. Hve a safe trip into the city. Will be praying for you all this morning. Enjoy your day. Kathy

  5. Come walk with me, Lovella. It's so beautiful out there in the snow.
    Those maple twists sure smell good.
    We're cleaning barns today and so I'll take my little guy and treat him to a real tobaggan ride with a tractor pulling him.
    So much to look forward to.
    Take care

  6. I just made those maple twist recently (again) They are sooo good. Even though I can't have them I make them just so I can enjoy the delicious smell !!!!

    I do hope that cold just passes you over without really settling !!

    We have a winter wonderland here again .. the snow is beautiful ! but we won't be going anywhere... I share your love of airports -- just to people watch !

    Enjoy your day , Lovella whether you walk many steps or few!

  7. If you need a nap I've created a new tutorial for you to use. A good nap is the perfect solution to many challenging situations such as colds and disappointments.
    That, and cat nip.

  8. Ohhh, I hear you. The cold/ whatever-it-is from hell has been with me since December 30, 2007. That's last year! So do take it easy. One tip, if you start coughing and can't stop, try a spoonful of honey. It works so well that I'm not going to bother with cough syrup anymore. I do think that fresh air helps...

  9. I certainly hope you're not getting a cold. Whether you are or aren't, the chicken soup Judy mentioned sounds really good.

    That fog makes Baker look as if it's wearing a hat!

  10. was that a sneeze i heard..........gesundheit,
    i hope that it is nothing more than a little nuisance and not a nasty cold. enjoy your special dinner out. alot of our friends and family are leaving on a jet plan for warmer places, i begged, pleaded,but nothin'. i guess we will just have to stick out another cold prarie winter.........oh well it is all good

  11. Oh I do hope you're feeling better by the time you read this! If not...sit back, do all the things you're supposed to when you have a cold/allergies and take care of yourself!


  12. Have a great day and I hope you aren't coming down with something yucky. My walk was a short one today cuz my right knee is acting up ....

  13. I hope they have a great trip! The thought of a warm destination sounds pretty good right about now. Hmmmm ....

  14. I hope you feel better soon and that it doesn't develop into the full blown cold. :(

  15. I hope you dont get the lingering cough that we have all had over here.
    Those lil socks on your grandbaby were soo sweet!

  16. oh dear . . . I hope the sneezing doesn't amount to anything nasty.I have a friend who swears by zinc for colds and Roger loads up with Echinacea. I don't often get them.

    Our roads are messy so I walked 2 miles with Leslie Sansone. I'm planning to do it again today. It really adds the steps.

    It is hard to watch people head off to warmer climates while we stay behind. I'm reminded of an old saying of my mom's - the rich get their ice in the summer the poor get in the winter. Just have to switch it around - the rich get their warmth in the winter - the poor get it in the summer!

  17. I made the maple twists a few weeks ago and they were wonderful. I hope germs don't float with our comments because this comment would be full of hazardous waste from my coughing!! If I made the twists today I couldn't taste or smell them.

    Wishing you health and blessings today.
    Kathy b


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