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Yesterday I put on my slogging boots and went through the misty drizzly weather to the mail box to retreive the daily bills. When I unlocked my box . . . there was a key to unlock the special big box. Suddenly I felt like the day was brighter and the drizzle felt like delicate moisture on my face.

I unlocked the box and there was a parcel that I knew was on the way.

I had left a comment on Heather's bloggy giveaway and had won the prize.

At the time I was quite amazed at the generosity of the gift waiting for someone to claim.

Imagine opening a parcel from someone you haven't met and seeing this beautiful gift.

It was as though I had ordered this soft lambswool scarf straight from Scotland and had Starbucks keep a package of their special Christmas blend

just for me.
It is so very special.

Wow. Heather, the scarf is just wonderfully soft and the coffee .. .oh the coffee ..

has such a delicious aroma wafting through the bungalow.

On a day of solid mist dripping from the sky this was perfect. . ..
on a Monday no less.

Oh, I do wish everyone could have blessings like this. ..

So, in the afternoon, I put on my down vest. . .

and my beautiful soft lambswool scarf that was made in Scotland and then shipped to the US and then shipped to Canada. . . .and went to run some errands.

Thank you Heather ..

I'll treause it forever ..

I truly will. . .

If you pop by Heather's blog you'll be treated to a vision of beautiful children tenderly making their valentines. . . It's truly priceless.


So, we're off to have breakfast in town .. . at a restaraunt .. . with people we love .. .

my pedometer is securly attached at the waist. . .

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What a gorgeous scarf! A lovely gift to brighten up a drizzly Monday.

  2. I'm so glad it finally arrived!!! Glad it brightened your day. My day was brightened too, yesterday, when I received a beautifully written letter in the mail from a friend overseas with a stack of pink homemade stationary tied with a bow. An unexpected little gift to for my Monday too! It's wonderful how God can use his people all over the world to encourage each other.

  3. Very beautiful gift. You look gorgeous!!

  4. my happy monday gift was a valentine's package from my mom. she sent us 3 purdy's chocolate heart shaped suckers. packages are the best :)

  5. That scarf is absolutely beautiful - that's one of my favorite colors!

    I love the idea of gifts in the mail - whether expected or not - as a way of showing others that someone cares. It's a beautiful way to brighten a day.

  6. what a nice gift to recieve in the mail. don't you just love packages that are meant just for you!!! you look great in that scarf and vest. hope you had a nice meal with your friends.

  7. You look lovely in your beautiful new scarf.

  8. Congratulations on your winfall, Lovella... Is there a pattern developing here??
    Smile !!
    It couldn't happen to a more deserving person !!
    The scarf is beautiful and the coffee... well.. the proof is in the drinking, right?
    Enjoy your day !!

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  10. That scarf is perfect for you; it's your color and looks so great on you! Now I'm off to visit Heather...

    (My delete...sorry!)

  11. A lovely scarf...on a lovely lass! Enjoy your gift...it will always remind you of the giver.


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