Monday, October 31, 2011

noodle making

When the weather turns chilly there is nothing like a pot of soup on the stove to welcome your family when they come home.

Not everyone has help in the kitchen so you might not be able to manage whipping up a batch of noodles for your soup.

A noodle maker is a kitchen essential in our home.

With storms brewing . .
you need not worry about electricity being out...
when the muscles of a "nearly four year old". .
is more than enough to crank out noodles of any kind.

This little noodle maker rolled out the noodles faster than I could get them  to lay in single file.

A "little" flour ..helps to keep the noodles from sticking together.

Sure. ..
noodle makers don't always make the job quicker. . 
it's not always about being quick.

all for now .. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

autumn indoors

The hill across on the other side of the neighbors berry field is turning lovely colors. .
so I quickly look back out side to see if anything has changed in the last 24 hours.

The light green limelight hydrangea is taking on a blush . ..

so I bring it inside.

Years ago I used to bring in big baskets of blue hydrangea's and then the idea seemed to go out of style.
I'm enjoying the dried hydrangea's again. .

all for now . .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

the end of October in British Columbia

We've had some fantastic sunny days this autumn so far.
We've had some dreary dark sky days too ..
but we'll look at those another day.
We are still waiting for some of the trees in our yard to realize it is autumn.
One of these days. .
they'll figure it out ..
and be in a rush.

On Tuesday. .
I put the coffee on when I heard the lawn mower in the far distance which means he's nearly finished.

I called him to join me for a break in the back yard . ..
 . .and an apple fresh off the tree.

If you can't go where the sun always shines. .
you should at least you make the most of the sunshine God gives you.

We are celebrating our eldest sons's birthday today by having company for supper. .
and  it's not even him.
We wish him a happy birthday  and we'll party with him and his. .

all for now .. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

on stacking

Little Miss Muffet was over on Monday too!

One of the things she seems to have is more "sette fleisch"  . .
than I did . .
according to what my mother always used to say to me.

 ("sette" . . not sure of the spelling but I'm pretty sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong . .
 ..and "fleisch",
 together translated means . .."sit meat". 

At fifteen months old she has a 15 minute attention span at stacking her rings on her stick. . .
over and over and over again.
Monday ..she  did the typical mommy thing. .
holding baby while stacking rings but eventually had to concede that it would be easier to let baby to rest on the ground while she concentrated on the task at hand.

So immersed in her play ..
she didn't notice me hovering above her while she eyeballed the target and dropped.
What amazes me is how quickly she learned the sequence.
I have played this game with her for a few months. .
and she knows it now by heart.

When that game became boring. .
she sat and read magazines and when she found the advertisement cards stuck in the spine. . .
she yanked them out....
and walked to the trash can ..
and tossed it in.
When she finished reading her magazine . .
she stood up  . . 
 walked to the trash can. .
and  . .
put the magazine in ..
and gave it a good shove.

A fifteen month old ..
does what a fifteen month old. .
sees. . .
and that makes me smile.

all for now .. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

creating a likeness

I know ..
it isn't quite as giving as allowing Grandgirlie a big easel and finger paints. . . 
but after the weekend. .
I was happy to keep the mess and fuss to a minimum.

So. ..she does her work on an I*P*ad.
The ap is called Phone*4K*ids.

What grandparent wouldn't want to pose for a artistic impression by a soon to be four year old?

I smiled that she started me with pink. . 
and I suppose that is why after second thought. .
my mouth had added curve-up at the ends.

She took it all quite seriously.
Grandpa ...did not.

She noted that he had been silly.

I love her Grandpa!
He's a keeper .. 
her and I agree on that!

all for now . .

Monday, October 24, 2011

the story of my life

I still smile when I see our name on a sign like this. 
May we never take  for-granted or become faint of memory of the wonderful people who read our blog and buy our book so that we can share all that God is doing.

We prepared and came and did our thing and it was worth every moment of sleepless nights fretting about it all.  

I know that I spent about two minutes deciding on the name of our blog ..
and I wondered yesterday how long Winks spent thinking of her name and slogan to her store.
Winks. .makes's Wendy's nickname given to her by her uncle when she was a wee thing.
Her slogan .."make it beautiful". so true ...she does!

We signed books. ..
and before I forget. .if you would like a chance to win a signed book. .
Pondside is having a celebration on her blog.
She is a gifted writer and I along with her 600 plus blog followers surely know it too.

I did a fair amount of Christmas shopping during the weekend.
I confess I did a bit of self shopping too. ..

Not only does Winks know how to select beautiful merchandise to sell ..She also has the knack for picking staff members as well. .
and we were treated to smiles and happy chats all weekend.
Thanks for that girls!
It was a huge decision for Winks to put a booth in the show and we were so happy that not only did we enjoy sitting there signing books. ..many others also were drawn to spend a bit of time there doing some gift shopping.

On Saturday before our first demonstration ..
we took our 15 minutes prep time to get organized.

Chef Dez who is not only an amazing chef but also a very nice person was the stage manager and was so kind in his introduction of us.

Marg did the Ham and Egg cups and Ellen assisted.

Anneliese made fluffy waffles . .
while I got really going on our story.  :)

 Julie did the berry sauce and Judy did the custard and we served up little dishes of loaded waffles.

On Sunday ..
we had such great support by friends and family ..
which was incredibly special.

Anneliese made her Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup ..

I talked and used my hands to help do that.

Bev demonstrated how to use a cast iron pot to bake scones in.

Judy demonstrated Cauliflower Cheese Soup. .
and I continued to talk with my hands.

To all of you who made our weekend so special  . .
thank you so much.

You are all part of the story!

all for now. .

Friday, October 21, 2011

off to the show

The locals know that this weekend is the West Coast Women's Show.
You would know that because of all the ads on TV and in the papers.

Today ..the show opens at 1 pm and we'll be sitting at the beautiful Winks booth.
We'll be taking turns mind you because her booth is as big as booths are and we don't want to block her beautiful merchandise which when I stopped in yesterday to have a peek. .
is just as her slogan says ..."make it beautiful".

On Saturday. .the Mennonite Girls Can Cook will be on the Kitchen Theater Stage at 12:30.
Our theme that day will be "Bring your family home for breakfast".
Our aim is to briefly tell our story and show how simple it is to put a lovely breakfast on the table that your whole family will want to come to the table for.

On Sunday. .we'll be on the Kitchen Theater Stage at Noon. .
just as church is getting out.
Our Sunday theme will be "Autumn Soups and Savory Scones".
None of it is earth shattering. .
but then neither are we.

It is our hope that who we are inside will shine on the outside.
We have something very special between the ten of us.
We are not chefs nor do we hold degrees in home economics. .
but we do have a passion to feed hungry kids ..
and our desire is to honor God. .
and give him the glory.

all for now. .

Thursday, October 20, 2011

leveling the spoon

I'm always happy to open a new container of baking products.
It's almost as though I expect my goodies will turn out magically lighter and fluffier.
Did your Mom always slice the sealed paper lid in half so that she had a perfect leveler for her measuring spoons?
Mine did ..
and I always do too.

Somethings just don't get any easier.

all for now ..