noodle making

When the weather turns chilly there is nothing like a pot of soup on the stove to welcome your family when they come home.

Not everyone has help in the kitchen so you might not be able to manage whipping up a batch of noodles for your soup.

A noodle maker is a kitchen essential in our home.

With storms brewing . .
you need not worry about electricity being out...
when the muscles of a "nearly four year old". .
is more than enough to crank out noodles of any kind.

This little noodle maker rolled out the noodles faster than I could get them  to lay in single file.

A "little" flour ..helps to keep the noodles from sticking together.

Sure. ..
noodle makers don't always make the job quicker. . 
it's not always about being quick.

all for now .. 


  1. Oh....loved this post. How fun for the two of you to get those noodles cranked out. Love you from AZ. Kathy

  2. Noodle making has always seemed like such a daunting task that I settle for 'second best' noodles. But you make it look like child's play! Maybe I should see what happened to my MIL's noodle maker.

  3. So good to see your noodle maker and helpers at work! And that noodle maker is an essential for sure! I luuuuuuv mine! I'll bet the folks back east wish they were having some hot noodle soup right now!

  4. I'm thinking your helper is very tidy there! I can't believe my mom had kitchen carpet when my kids were little!!

  5. I remember my mother acquiring that skill, somehow I never I never seemed to get my fingers on a noodle machine. Looks like a fun time for all.
    Send some over!!!!

  6. Not at all about being quick. Oh sweet times in the kitchen with your little grand. She has a very sweet pony tail!

  7. Oh a future fabulous cook you are mentoring here! What fun...

  8. Noodle making taken to a whole new dimension:) What an adorable helper you had! Loved the noodle collection on the floor. I have collections on my floors lately too.


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