the end of October in British Columbia

We've had some fantastic sunny days this autumn so far.
We've had some dreary dark sky days too ..
but we'll look at those another day.
We are still waiting for some of the trees in our yard to realize it is autumn.
One of these days. .
they'll figure it out ..
and be in a rush.

On Tuesday. .
I put the coffee on when I heard the lawn mower in the far distance which means he's nearly finished.

I called him to join me for a break in the back yard . ..
 . .and an apple fresh off the tree.

If you can't go where the sun always shines. .
you should at least you make the most of the sunshine God gives you.

We are celebrating our eldest sons's birthday today by having company for supper. .
and  it's not even him.
We wish him a happy birthday  and we'll party with him and his. .

all for now .. 


  1. It still looks very green and mild there, Lovella.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  2. Partay! They are promising some sunshine this afternoon. I wonder if I should mow up the leaves...hmmm.
    Love your quote ...make the most of the sunshine God gives you!

  3. We've been dreary alot this autumn, not many blue sky days! But we have color and that is lovely.

    Enjoy your son's birthday!


  4. You still have so much green! I'm surprised. Well, enjoy those sunshine filled days!

  5. That lawn is a work of art! Terry can be justifiably proud. How odd that your trees are goofing off not showing their true colors. Hope that they do turn for you before they turn brown and drop off. How nice to be enjoying shirt sleeve weather, too!

  6. That lush lawn looks like spring! We took a bumper crop off ours...quickly, before we left for points south.

    It has been a beautiful fall...with great colours.

  7. Does not look like fall in your back yard.. especially when the lawn is just mowed. I thought that Birthday was today! I'm better at remembering dates from the past than current. Go figure.

  8. It was so beautiful this afternoon as I packed up and left your city. Circumstances at one of the facilities made it impossible to visit and I had a chance to come home a day early - yippee!!!

  9. You have such a beautiful yard and I know you really enjoy it. What a great fall season!


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