off to the show

The locals know that this weekend is the West Coast Women's Show.
You would know that because of all the ads on TV and in the papers.

Today ..the show opens at 1 pm and we'll be sitting at the beautiful Winks booth.
We'll be taking turns mind you because her booth is as big as booths are and we don't want to block her beautiful merchandise which when I stopped in yesterday to have a peek. .
is just as her slogan says ..."make it beautiful".

On Saturday. .the Mennonite Girls Can Cook will be on the Kitchen Theater Stage at 12:30.
Our theme that day will be "Bring your family home for breakfast".
Our aim is to briefly tell our story and show how simple it is to put a lovely breakfast on the table that your whole family will want to come to the table for.

On Sunday. .we'll be on the Kitchen Theater Stage at Noon. .
just as church is getting out.
Our Sunday theme will be "Autumn Soups and Savory Scones".
None of it is earth shattering. .
but then neither are we.

It is our hope that who we are inside will shine on the outside.
We have something very special between the ten of us.
We are not chefs nor do we hold degrees in home economics. .
but we do have a passion to feed hungry kids ..
and our desire is to honor God. .
and give him the glory.

all for now. .


  1. Your caring hearts and your listed passions, are the exact reason that there are so many that want to meet you and buy your books. Being gifted and caring are big drawing cards, not to mention, personalities that reach out to everyone in line. Great formula in my book. Wish you the very best.

  2. Amen to what Judy posted! Wishing you all the best at the show this weekend and BTW your meal ideas for the show are wonderful!!!

  3. For those of us too far away to attend, would you consider publishing your menu/recipes? Wishing all the best for your weekend presentations.

  4. Praying for you as you share this weekend and thanking the Lord for each of you. Drawing families together, feeding hungry children, and having fun doing it! Looking forward to the blog report! xo

  5. What are we going to watch? That's what we need right now, a good show and popcorn.

  6. You have much more than one with a home economics or culinary arts degrees! You are willing to do God's work. That's huge!

    And how I would love to be in your audience listening and watching. Bringing the family home for breakfast sounds special to me as does Autumn Soups and Savory Scones. (I nearly tried an autumn soup last night. It was called Carrot and Ginger Soup.)

    Enjoy your weekend. I know that you'll all touch hearts and continue to feed hungry children.

  7. and honor GOD is exactly what you do wherever you go. today I was in hallmark in a mall in winnipeg. there was your book. i had to smile. it's amazing how GOD has blessed this beautiful project. no, you might not think you're earth-shattering but you are. you are a child of the KING who has responded to the call and that makes you amazing! have a blessed and joyous weekend.

  8. God's love and grace oozes out of you gals. No worries, you will rock the show!

  9. Good luck to all of you! I wish I could see you at the booth, but I'm sure there will be picture somewhere :D

  10. I know it will be wonderful! People are "hungry" for this kind of is so needed.


  11. I love the breakfast expo you gals are going to do. TOO many families rarely spend time together. Hope you have a grand time!

  12. I hope you have a wonderful turn out and seel a lot of cookbooks, Lovella!

    I am home from California. We had a wonderful trip and weather...lots of nice memories!

  13. Very nice. Makes me wish I lived in Canada!


  14. It's been fun so far! Thanks for posting words that we can say amen to, Lovella.
    I know we all feel honored/humbled to be on this journey.


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