Book signing Saturday

One of the pure pleasures of blogging is to have opportunities to meet blog friends face to face.
As authors of Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . .
we are being given that privilege more often than ever before.
Each book signing brings with it a new experience and it never fails to bless us.

In some ways ..
it feels a little like a surprise party because we don't know who will come and of course we never really know where blogging friends live.
When they walk in the door and tell us what their blog name is or who they are in their commenting. .
it is as though we have reconnected after a long time rather than meeting for the first time.

The other blessing is that we as book authors have opportunities to sit together and chat in the quieter moments and catch up face to face instead of the quick emails that fly between us each day.

Travelling between one store to the other also provides endless chats and deeper conversations and relationships that are rooted in our common faith and the end goal. .
that truly matters most.

I came home on Saturday evening feeling incredibly blessed.
Our evening ended with dinner out with our husbands.

As always ..
I feel richer for being witness to lovely people.

I wondered again. .
why God has allowed this amazing journey.

For ever thankful. ..


  1. Blessings to you ladies as you criss-cross the nation! I shall not forget meeting you face to face in Waterloo - it was such a thrill for me. I have been so inspired by your generosity, your daily bread posts, your gentle spirit and of course your delicious recipes.

  2. It was an incredibly wonderful day of blessing.....meeting some of those who stop by our blog so often....and spending time with the girls.

  3. I like how you said, "Its like a party and you never know who turns up, and we don't even need to worry about the food." We are free to visit and chat with these incredible people who have joined many of us on our journeys.

  4. You gals are living out have been seeking the Kingdom of God and he has given you the desires of your heart (Matthew 6:33). You acknowledge God and he directs your paths (Proverbs 3:6)...paths that you probably never imagined...paths to children in the Ukraine who are now fed and have a home and are loved into wholeness!
    Pretty rockin' awesome! You do your part and God fulfills his promises in all kinds of wild and wonderful ways.

  5. It is so nice that all of the MGCC book signings are a wonderful success! I hope you can all do one in NYC one day!

  6. I wonder too .. why am I so blessed to enjoy these special friendships to travel this road with (literally). I also like hwat yo usaid about being at a party where you never know who will show up.Very special.

  7. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. God is good!

  8. An amazing right!

  9. Ahhh, the third in the trilogy of the past weekend's book signing. It's always interesting to see each person's unique take. I would not dare to speak for God, but I might be tempted to say why He's allowed this journey. It truly is remarkable!


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