the seasonal reversal

If we did not live in Canada. .
we might not need to reverse what we did five months earlier.
It occurred to me. .
that we probably repeat our tasks more often than our fair weathered friends in other parts.

There is always a week where we face reality and take down our screened tent.

I've noticed too. .
that taking down is not as exciting as putting up. .
of anything.
Christmas decorations. .
wall paper .. .
party decorations . .
setting the table for a dinner party. .

it's all the same.

Maybe. .
that is why some people who live in the country ..
leave up their Christmas lights all year around.

Maybe. .
those households. .
say . .
who cares?

I said that.

The last summer bit to take down was the candles on the table.

Those. .were moved indoors to our inside evening relaxing space.
It's a blessing we have enough food to eat. .
and a warm place to rest after a busy day..

and for that. .
I'm very thankful!


  1. Awww. I'm sorry to see your cozy tent being packed away!

    Where did the patio weather go? We're still holding out for a week or two...before we totally dismantle summer over here. (I have a hard time facing reality!)

  2. Our patio cover is the only thing still up and it really needs a good pressure washing or replacement altogether. This really was a short patio weather summer! It is good to be blessed with the abundance we have...

  3. I know the feeling - yesterday I took my hammock down and folded it away in the garage. Roger put away the deck furniture - good things as today we have 100k winds and heavy rain.

  4. Since my gazebo covering never went up, I didn't have to take it down! But I know what you mean-I've been gathering the lawn ornaments and putting them in storage, getting ready for the gales of November here on the lake.

  5. Ohh .. that is sad to see it come down! but it won't be long and it will be going up again!

  6. Down here around Kansas City we may have another couple of weeks before all is taken down. I am so thankful to live in a part of the country that actually experiences all 4 seasons. And thankfully I LOVE all is good. Now we can stoke the fire in the fire pit on our large front porch and sit outside all bundled up enjoying the crisp air and the stars shining earlier in the evenings.

  7. I agree with you, putting away is never as fun. I like that you share the process with us though, because somehow it inspires me to do the same. Sometimes I need that gentle nudging to put away "whatever" needs to be put away. I like the back of your house.

  8. I was just thinking this week that we need to "winterize" around here too. That was last weekend when it was 50 and raining. Now this weekend is supposed to be 80 and sunny...I think we'll wait a little while longer before we winterize. :-)

  9. Love how you refer to it as a reality check :). So true! It really is Fall here in Ontario and time to do Fall clean-up. We are looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving weekend so now's our chance! Thanks for the inspiration to get at it.

  10. Now that's a familiar sight. John is taking down our umbrella and putting away the chairs and cushions today. I hacked down the morning glory and mowed so the raking won't be such a challenge. I also tugged at the remains of daylily and garden stuff. It's a chore and we'll be glad to do it in reverse next spring. In the meantime, I guess we'll have to think of it as good stewardship.

    I really like your patio situation. It looks as if the tent must give you a lot more protection than a single umbrella would.

    Let's pray for a real summer for you folks next year. I think that's part of the sadness, don't you? It's a lament for what was over all too quickly.

    You all must be getting prepared for Thanksgiving on Monday. I can't wait to see what all my Canadian friends are up to. It always gives me ideas for my own Thanksgiving and it also makes me feel nostalgic for the Canadian Thanksgivings we used to honor every year at the lake in NB. Oh we'll have to do that again some year. I hope.

  11. I have to clean up my stuff too...but it means the end of a season, but then we can enjoy those long winter evenings...doing whatever.
    I loved being in that tent. It was so gemutlich.


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