Hot Dog Relish Making Day

I checked my supply of Hot Dog Relish and mentioned casually to Mom that the supply is rather concerning.
We love her hot dog relish.
In 2008. .
she decided it was time for me to learn. .
and so she brought over all the supplies and we made it together.

It's not that much work.
You just need to set aside a bit of time to chop. . .
and then let the cucumbers sit in salt for awhile and then you just go ahead and make the relish.

I called her yesterday to tell her which day we were going to have thanksgiving here.
She offered to bring something. . .
so I asked her to bring the pumpkin pie.

She said. .
"sure. .I already have the pumpkin so I'll gladly do that".

She said then. .
"and tomorrow I'm going to make your relish".

I said. .
"Oh really?"
"Do you want me to help?"

She said. .
"no. ..I already have all the vegetables and you are so busy already".

Insert a smile here.

So. mom is at home. .
making my relish.

I could do it. .
but somehow . .
it's kind of nice that I haven't been handed that baton yet.

I know how much work that relish really is. . .
the pictures have reminded me again.

My mouth is watering though. .
just thinking of those roasted hot dogs with that fantastic relish.

The last time. .
she made it here.
See how she wiped the counters at the end?

Want some relish too?
The recipe is here.

You'll have to do it yourself though. .
I don't hire her out.

If I'm a Mennonite Girl that can Cook. .
she surely is. .
and then some.

And this. .
is my thankful post for today!!


  1. What a darling mother in law - I have one too :) And it's her mustard pickle recipe that I make. Your mil's hot dog relish looks very similar!

  2. Oh Lovella I made this last year with my mom in August and she went on to her heavenly home in October so this year I didn't know if I would make it or not but my dad said, you know the relish is getting low so he and I made a double batch over the weekend so a new tradition has been born. We made some good memories while do so.
    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe

  3. favorite. Wishing now I had time to make it. Should I fit that in yet? I better not......remind me how dumb that would be:) What a dear she is to do that for you. You will enjoy those all year long.

  4. That relish looks SO good! And how special to have your relish-making-day happening without you. Now I am wishing for my sweet MIL...and all the treats from her kitchen we used to enjoy!

  5. She is the most beautiful lady inside and out. What a delight to have her making and baking treats for her family. I'm sure she'd say it was a labor of love.

  6. How sweet to be doing that for you! I'm envious ... but mostly happy for you. Love the pictures! She is a beautiful lady!

  7. your are blessed...I always get this lump in my throat when I see you ladies having your mothers or Mil come and give you support.
    How wonderful to share that life together in the kitchen.
    But on the other hand...I get to do that with my daughter now...and so that will cheer me up.

  8. You are so lucky to still have a mom. My MIL and I used to can together every summer - our specialty was fruit cocktail. I miss her so much during canning season.
    BTW: That hot dog relish looks delish!

  9. What a nice task your Mom took on for you, Lovella! She looks so young and fit for a great grandmother! You are all very blessed. Her relish looks so good!

  10. That looks so good!!! And, the recipe does not look complicated. I think I'll have to put that on my list to try sometime.

  11. Hi Lovella great post of your mil. Loved seeing the pic's of my cousin. She looks great and I know she is a great cook. Wow, what a big batch of relish. Looks yummy.
    Martha in the Okanagan.

  12. What a precious blessing to have such a beautiful Mum to help you and enjoy. I hope to be that kind of blessing to my beautiful lads and their wives - when they grow up and have them in their lives. Thank you Lovella - I get such a smile and encouragement from you and your beautiful mennonite sisters blogs. God is good!

  13. That is sooo special... I used to love when my MIL would give me zwiebach or other baking ... it was just nice to know that left more time for all the other things I had to do .. and why does food always taste better when someone else makes it? ohhhh ..its the love ingredient?


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