Winter Forecast

They are giving us fair warning.
According to the forecasters ..
Canada is in for the worst winter in 20 years.
Check out this weather map.
Gruesome isn't it?

(accuweather photo credit)

Really . .
it just doesn`t look that bad to me.
 I consider myself pretty good at reading maps. .
and maybe they meant. ..
the people living around the Great Lakes are in for a cold winter...
but then ..
they could have just said that..
I think.

(accuweather photo credit)

Here is another map. .
showing the La Nina Pattern. . .
and below. .
the map shows our friends to the south. 
If I use my imagination ..
I can see that even though the forecast stops at the 49th parallel. .
perhaps. .
I could be in for more FREQUENT WINTER STORMS.

(accuweather photo credit)

I am mentally making notes of my blogging friends and the places I might like to visit this winter.

Don`t take my word for it. .
Check out this accuweather site  which gets credit for the maps above ..
and let them explain the Winter Forecast for 2011 and 2012.

all for now ..


  1. lovella..thanks for the warning:) a friend had given me a pair of those mittens..and the way "your" map looks..we in pa my be joining you in freezing..auntie sharon

  2. They said this last year too.
    And 'they' were wrong.

  3. I like that last map for us! After two below-freezing winters for Florida, I'm ready for a nice one!

  4. I like to live one day at a mittens are always ready with a wonderful reminder of the Olympics. Now I know why my farmer partnered with a new JD!!

  5. Oye! I'm glad I have some of those mittens so they'll be able to find me in a snow drift. I am happy to see North Carolina isn't in for anything spectacular.

  6. I've got my mittens on the ready. And if things get too cold...we'll head south!

  7. Knowing you and your creativity, I know you will find interesting ways to make staying warm and dry, and we will love seeing them. We survived a very cold, stormy winter last winter and I take the warnings seriously. According to your map, you would not pick our state to escape to:)

  8. Well, it's obvious you are not contemplating coming to see me. :) :) I've been wondering about the winter after this stretch of most amazing fall weather. Guess I better make sure the craft closet is fully stocked.

    How special to run into Mrs. Smith!!! It's fun to think how God began putting things in our lives and then later on see how they worked out....I still have a ways to go before I get to see even more of how God was working.

    Oh and I do LOVE that knitted coat. Will be asking Christina today about how to get a pattern for that!!! Laura would look so cute in that!

  9. "Stormy and Cold"? Yup, I could have come up with that one. ☺

  10. I can already hear the sound of my son squealing with delight at upcoming snow days and school cancellations. ;)


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