Day Camps

Saturday Morning . .
  we squeezed as many Mennonite Girls Can Cook as we could into Judy's car and set off up the Fraser Canyon for our first leg of the race of Day Camp.

On the way ..
we prayed. .
and conducted a planning meeting for the upcoming West Coast Women's Show. . .
trying very hard to accomplish something along the way.

The  beauty of the day only made our day trip even more enjoyable.
We anticipated the hours ahead. ..
and we relished the moments at hand.

Upon arriving ..
yet a little early for our presentation. .
we did what we did many years previous at camp. .
we congregated  in the girls room to "powder our noses"  (does anyone still do that?).

The morning speaker was finished early . .
 we were found and our presentation began.
The organizers meant for us to be a surprise for the Women's Retreat.
What if they were not interested in our story?

There was no need for concern.
Our audience was engaged and delightful to speak to.
Our story. ..our passion. ..and our dreams are a blessing from God to share.
God whispered an idea in our ears. .
and there is something quite humbling to be able to tell of the journey we are on.

After our "talk" . ..we signed books and chatted with the women who popped over to our table.
Some shared the journey and the whispers they have acted on.
God is so good.  There is not one human journey identical.
As different as each of us are. .
there will never be an exact duplicate or a lack of purpose along life's road for any of us.

When we signed all the available books..
we signed the stickers that the retreat organizers had thoughtfully ordered and had available.
After a wonderful lunch of soup and sandwiches that they graciously shared with us ..
we took our leave and traveled again to the next women's retreat on our schedule.

It had been years since I had been to Camp Stillwood as a teen.
The bare cabins have been replaced by lovely little cottages.
Suddenly. .
I wanted to go to camp!
Again ..
we were met by the kindest welcome.
A table ..and books were waiting.
Connections were made that we didn't expect. . .
and. .
our hearts were warmed.
As we made our way back home. . .
we were so glad we took a Saturday to go to Day Camp.

all for now. .


  1. Loved hearing about the day....wishing I could have joined you all. Glad you had time for that planning meeting.

  2. Lovella
    It sounds like a day of fun and blessings. Your journey was through some beautiful countryside and I'd love to go camping in one of those cabins you stayed in!

  3. Sometimes choices are hard to make, being with MGCC activities or the family..and this time it was family, but the whole time I was thinking of how wonderful a day you had all been having out God's creation.
    Yes, these books have brought many new connections and surprises.

  4. It was a delight to have you all there at Squeah - it was a LOVELY surprise!!! :) You shared the story so well and i'm grateful I managed to get one of the cookbooks before the supply ran out :)

  5. It's neat that you were the "surprise." A surprise blessing I am certain. So do most Mennonite girls in your area go to these two camps? Judy has. Everyone? They look like a wonderful place to be.

  6. Lovella, you covered the day sooo well! It was so easy to relive the special day we shared !

  7. Your pictures made me wish I could go to camp again too. What a beautiful place! You are so kind to share bits and pieces of your MGCC journey. I can almost smell the air as I remember back to my own camp memories.

  8. We were "at camp" at the same time, only mine was Camp Camby here in Indpls. We had a woman's retreat fri/sat and it was so good. The three messages were worth the crazy chaos my home is now in because I left for a day. Also shared my testimony on Saturday....I love hearing how God works in everyone's life in unique ways.

  9. Thank you so much for coming to Day Camp! :-)

  10. Surprise speaker today, conference headliner speaker tomorrow. Oh Lovella, from the very start of this amazing story I could see where you would be newspaper interviews then radio, television, speaking engagements, event segments, travel...the plans He has made for you are wonderous, and how kind to allow you to journey through them with your Mennonite sisterhood by your side.

  11. Yes, I do actually still powder my nose. And I've taught my daughter to as well. Hee hee.

    Love reading about your book adventures.

  12. Love being able to come along with all your photos!


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