autumn indoors

The hill across on the other side of the neighbors berry field is turning lovely colors. .
so I quickly look back out side to see if anything has changed in the last 24 hours.

The light green limelight hydrangea is taking on a blush . ..

so I bring it inside.

Years ago I used to bring in big baskets of blue hydrangea's and then the idea seemed to go out of style.
I'm enjoying the dried hydrangea's again. .

all for now . .


  1. Fall was, indeed, beautiful in your valley. One evening I drove along the river, on the Mission side, from Harrison and watched the sun set blaze on the water - just amazing.

  2. Love your hydrangeas inside and love the words on that block.

  3. Oh man, luuuuuv those hydrangeas. They are so fabulous for decorating! Your home looks lovely!

  4. Sometimes in designing florals I look at the stunning blooms God created for us to enjoy and just say "Wow"
    Pee Gee Hydrangeas are one of those. You are
    showing them off beautifully in your home Lovella.

  5. You got me all pumped for Jill's colors and I couldn't get the links to work....sometimes the internet seems to have a mind of it's own. I'll have to try later. I love those lime hydrangea's....pretty color in the Fall.

  6. Similar minds reflect and ponder on similar ideas...I have so enjoyed the changes of the seasons once again. I am appreciating them more and more. The simple things.

  7. I think the shades of your hydrangeas and the creative way you displayed them, definitely did bring the Fall inside. Beautiful vignette, with meaningful words to go with it.

    I agree with you on Jill's colors. Amazing!!!

  8. I know...Jill's autumn is almost unbelievable it's so exquisite! She's such a photographer, too!

    Oh I love the hydrangea inside. Such a lovely, muted combination of colors. It looks so pretty out your living room window to the hill beyond. Hope that you get to keep those colors for a good while.

  9. I'm a hydrangea fan from a way back...and used to bring the blue ones in to dry as well. These last years...I've been enjoying the limelight variety.

    The fall colours have been extraordinarily beautiful in our valley this year! Though it is hot and lovely down here right does not look one bit like fall. I'm wondering if they ever have golden leaves in Palm Springs.


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