I've been perusing the Mennonite American Girl website these last few weeks.
Every Grandgirlie gets one special baby for Christmas within the first few years of her own arrival.
Unlike babies created by God ..
these babies can be special ordered with eye color and hair color preferences.
The last two special babies came in the mail with blond hair and blue eyes. .
but this year. .
the baby under the tree is going to have brunette hair. .
and blue eyes to match her mommy Little Miss Muffet.

I smile at my Mom's saving of my little curls.
The envelope is sealed and one locked was taped to the outside. .
lest I be tempted to someday break the seal.
She didn't blog back in 1961. .
but she kept my locks safe.
I'm so glad that. .. 
that's the kind of mom she was.

all for now .. 


  1. Oh how fun to see your little clipped off curl. I can imagine your mom tucking that away with a smile.
    American Dolls......they are loved by little girls, and your Miss Muffet is sure to enjoy her gift.

  2. The things that mums do. There are locks of my hair and my siblings' in my mother's Hope Chest. There's a lock of our son's in my jewelry box and a very long braid from Lillypad's first haircut in my chest.
    What fun it must be to choose a special baby for your granddaughters!

  3. Did your mom save the locks from your brothers before you? Or was this special because you were her only girl? So special that you still have this.
    So, technically, you could have your original color for sure. You have a lifetime sample to go by.

  4. That is sweet Lovella, that your mom saved your locks!

  5. I was wondering as well if your mother clipped locks of your brother's hair. How fun to have that sample...after all this time!

  6. So precious. And what a dear nickname for you!

    Now this is where I envy grandmothers of granddaughters. American Dolls... Sigh.

  7. it! My mom always kept hair samples and so do I!!! Seems kind of old fashioned, I guess, but I still have to do it. :)

  8. I have a curl of my hair too, loving tucked into my baby book and attached with yellow tape, just like yours. Our mother's did what was proper for their time.

    Your Canadian Girl dolls sound like such fun --- er --- I mean American Girl dolls. ;P

  9. Curious if you have locks of your sons hair tucked away, say in their baby books? You do still update their baby books don't you? Thirty year plus baby boys are still have "firsts" and saying cute things. You just have look and listen more carefully.

    We just got the newest American Girl catalog; it arrived in the mail even though we never requested it. Got a good laugh at all the gear now available.

  10. You have a fun way of sharing details, that always makes it interesting to read. Our girls got American Dolls one Christmas, and they treasure them to this day. What a special gift!

    Not that it matters at all, but your mother saved your cute little curl on the day I had my 7th birthday. You are so young:) I found one of my mother's braided pigtails in her cedar chest recently.

  11. This is so sweet! My Mom saved our baby locks and even our baby teeth.

    American Girl Dolls are so pretty --my daughter still has hers!


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