eye to eye

I was looking at "little Oh" and he was looking back at me.
I was telling him about his features. .
who knows what he was wondering about.

I thought. .
 it is amazing that a child not yet three months will look me in the eye while I'm  looking at him.
I pray he'll always be able to look me in the eye. .
and I pray I'll always  be able to look right back.

Speaking of eyes. .
I have brown eyes. .
my beloved has blue.
Our eldest has green eyes. .
our youngest has brown. .

Five grands have blue.
Guess what color eyes our daughters by love have?

all for now . .


  1. He looks so grown up! Such a thoughtful expression it does make me wonder what was on his mind.

  2. Oh my word, he is adorable!! Enjoy him! Still laughing about "gross baby..." :-)

  3. What very sweet eyes to look at!!

  4. Eye to eye...I love is...He is adorable and someday someone else will think that also.

  5. Oh, he looks like a little man already!His looks fit right into the family ... so cute!

  6. Your daughters-by-love must have blue eyes?

    Cute little man!

  7. So grown up in such a short while! Beautiful blue eyes...looking at his grammie.

  8. Ohhhhh! Cute as a button. I was so happy to look into his eyes too......he must have mommy's blue eyes?
    Isn't it fun when they start to notice you back. As the years go by I too hope that he will always be able to look you in the eye......

  9. That baby is growing big! He has the most beautiful eyes!

  10. Just too precious for words! It looks like he is filled with happiness and wonder that he was born into your family.


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