creating a likeness

I know ..
it isn't quite as giving as allowing Grandgirlie a big easel and finger paints. . . 
but after the weekend. .
I was happy to keep the mess and fuss to a minimum.

So. ..she does her work on an I*P*ad.
The ap is called Phone*4K*ids.

What grandparent wouldn't want to pose for a artistic impression by a soon to be four year old?

I smiled that she started me with pink. . 
and I suppose that is why after second thought. .
my mouth had added curve-up at the ends.

She took it all quite seriously.
Grandpa ...did not.

She noted that he had been silly.

I love her Grandpa!
He's a keeper .. 
her and I agree on that!

all for now . .


  1. Another, I loved looking at those photos...but isn't if fun being silly with those kids? That's the best times at our house..they say,'Let's all be crazy." and then there is laughter and we all look like her Grandpa.
    They are so beautiful.

  2. Cool toy and the artist's creations can neatly be saved and shared via digital photography. I want one of those for Christmas!

    She might as well learn early that the men of your clan rarely seem to allow serious pictures of themselves.

  3. I like the idea of mess-free-artistry. What exactly is it?

    I can see the likeness...for sure!

  4. That is a very neat and tidy way to draw at grammie's place......she is a good little artist. Grandpas are the best......aren't they!

  5. That is so cute! And I can totally relate to the feeling that Grandpa knows how to have fun with them on a different level. The memory is now preserved for her photo album too.

  6. Love the stickin out tongue she added! What a fun post Lovella!

  7. I am looking at the spots on my face again and wondering if that was on purpose. =)

  8. My grandson is quite a wiz with his other Grammy's I Pad! It is amazing how quickly the little ones can learn.

    I do see a likeness in her drawing ---good job!

  9. That was sweet - the grandpa-grandgirlie link is precious.

  10. I*pads are great from the looks of this post. Wondering here...


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