on stacking

Little Miss Muffet was over on Monday too!

One of the things she seems to have is more "sette fleisch"  . .
than I did . .
according to what my mother always used to say to me.

 ("sette" . . not sure of the spelling but I'm pretty sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong . .
 ..and "fleisch",
 together translated means . .."sit meat". 

At fifteen months old she has a 15 minute attention span at stacking her rings on her stick. . .
over and over and over again.
Monday ..she  did the typical mommy thing. .
holding baby while stacking rings but eventually had to concede that it would be easier to let baby to rest on the ground while she concentrated on the task at hand.

So immersed in her play ..
she didn't notice me hovering above her while she eyeballed the target and dropped.
What amazes me is how quickly she learned the sequence.
I have played this game with her for a few months. .
and she knows it now by heart.

When that game became boring. .
she sat and read magazines and when she found the advertisement cards stuck in the spine. . .
she yanked them out....
and walked to the trash can ..
and tossed it in.
When she finished reading her magazine . .
she stood up  . . 
 walked to the trash can. .
and  . .
put the magazine in ..
and gave it a good shove.

A fifteen month old ..
does what a fifteen month old. .
sees. . .
and that makes me smile.

all for now .. 


  1. Junk mail...from her perspective! How did she grow up so quickly?

  2. your grandgirlies are darling! The curls make my heart melt!

  3. The baby holding her baby - when did that happen? She's getting to be such a big girl.

  4. Oh what I could learn from her today!

  5. I predict she will have a clutter free home when she grows up with that habit ingrained.
    She is so cute!

  6. Such a cute head of curls.....seems like your little girls all lined up to receive those soft locks. Sweet little recap of her day at grammies.

  7. How fun to sit and observe her like that. Love the shots of her concentration. I didn't have much of
    "sit meat" growing up for sure but our Katie really had it.

  8. I have to smile that your mama said that about you! Looks like Miss Muffit knows how to sit and she should... so cute! Love how she cleans up too!

  9. I can totally relate, having an 18-month-old granddaughter myself now! So cute. The term your mother called you is very familiar to me - it is Low German (Plautdietsch). In regular German it would be Sitzfleish:

    1. The ability to sit through or tolerate something boring.
    2. The ability to endure or persist in a task.

    Miss Muffet does seem to have Sitzfleish all right!

  10. so fun and so funny. i'm sure she is very serious doing all these "tasks". i love that stage. she is going to be one organized little gal, no doubt!

  11. After many visits to your blog over the years, I would totally agree with you, that this little one sure does not take after you. I don't believe you have much sit in you. I sometimes tire from just reading your posts, and all that you get done in daily life. I do like how quickly she learned what to do with junk mail. Her curls are adorable!


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