Praise and Thanksgiving

Father in heaven . .
Oh how I love you!

You have blessed me far beyond my needs.
As I set the table for our thanksgiving meal ..
I thought back over this last year . .
 and was mindful of the groceries and the bounty from our garden that I have had  to feed our family.
Thank you Lord.

I am grateful and humbled as I remember that ..
over the last year. .
our family has enjoyed an addition ...
 good food .. good health . ..  good jobs ..and good relationships.
Thank you Lord.

I'm thinking this afternoon Lord God of those that are suffering  so.
Lord ..touch their lives
their bodies ..
their loved ones. .
and fill their souls with peace.
I'm so thankful that we can pray for others  ..
even when they don't know it.
Thank you Lord.

Since you know all things . .
you know that there are many things that matter to me Lord.
I am remembering today Lord ..
that what matters most. .
is that . .
  it is you  ..
that gave it all.

If days come. .
when I feel not so carefree  ..
and troubles come my way ...
I know you will never change.
Just as you have been with me last year . .
you will be here in the coming year ..
regardless of circumstances.

"I'll stand with arms high. .
and heart abandoned. .
in awe. .
of the one who gave it all .."
Michael W. Smith

Praise to you Father ..
Praise to your son Jesus. .
and Praise to your spirit that lives within me. 

From the bungalow ..

Happy Thanksgiving ..
dear ones!