grandgirlie jacket inspiration

I saw the cutest little knit jacket online and wanted three!
OH boy ..
It looks so simple ..surely it is sew-able.
Don't you think?
I went to the fabric store countless time. .using up at least one jacket's worth of gasoline.
Yesterday I chose the fabric ..
found a pattern closest to my inspiration. .
and dodged a frightful amount of rain to the car and back.

And now we'll see.
We are all hoping that they fit better than last year's jammies.
It's a good thing. .
that the pattern looks good either direction.

When I got home and laid the fabric out . .
I noticed it seemed rather long.
How could it be 2.5 meters?
I checked the bill. .
3.5 meters.
I guess. .
I want a dress.

OH. .and now I am thinking Christmas photos!!

photo credit. .zara for kids. .
want the jacket but don't want to sew?
Find it here.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome.


  1. Gorgeous I'm waiting to see the final product. Chuckling at using up a 'jacket's worth of gas'.

  2. While you are inspired with girlie jackets, I'm inspired that some want to play cards with me. "Go Fish"
    I too would like that jacket.

  3. I had to come and see what you were up to yesterday. That is so cute! I love the colors of the fabric and can just envision how cute those coats will look.

  4. Sweet! My question is...when will you find time?

  5. Oh...those 3 little girls of yours will be so cute...I like your choice of fabric.....and you know the buckle....any accessory I notice right off!
    Something to keep you busy in the next 6 weeks.....(all that phone time will now turn to sewing time:):):)
    I'll be watching.....and what about the boys? I'm sure the ideas are all 'up stairs'.:):) Have fun! Hugs

  6. Where does your creativity end? It seems endless to me. These jackets are the cutest! I can't wait to see the finished projects. I like the "jacket's worth of gas". How quickly that can happen. Best wishes on the project!

  7. I love the fabric you selected. I look forward to the finished product, and then, at Christmas, seeing it on the live model!

  8. Oh that will be very cute I'm sure. Of course I'd be the one who would have to click and buy it already made!


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