the year of 1973-1974

Tell me the truth. .
have I changed?

That much?

Yesterday I went to the fabric store to find a few more items for the little coats.
As I stood in the line to pay .
the lady in front of me looked so familiar. .
from the side and the back.
Not the face. .
I hadn't seen that yet.

I had to ask. .
so I said. .

"Excuse me. .did you teach Foods 9?"
She turned around and said. ."yes. .for one semester in 1974".
I said. .."you taught me."

Thirty-seven years ago.
Mrs. Smith must have been fresh out of university at that time because she still looks amazing.
OH how I wished I had asked if she would pose with me for a picture.
Wouldn't you have loved that?

She couldn't seem to place me. .
so I name dropped.
I said. . "well. .do you remember Shirley (bottom row ..second from the left)  and Elsie?"
Yes. .she did . .
I'm not actually surprised. Those girls were pretty. .had fun. .and were funny.
While I was plopping little buns on my cookie sheet. .those two were juggling their dough.
I was one of that three some.

Our threesome also had English nine together and that was where I met my beloved.
Our English teacher had been injured in a car crash and our class found itself bounced from one substitute teach to another and we spent more time visiting that year than English assignments. 
I have always considered that wasted time in class well spent.
Early in spring. .
I invited my beloved to join us for lunch in the middle of the soccer field.
He came. .and the rest is history.

But. .
back to Mrs. Smith.

It was wonderful to see her. 
I shared about Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
I wished I had been able to give her a book right then and there. .
but I didn't have one in the car.
I gave her one of our cards. .
and she promised to check our blog.
I was thrilled.

Mrs. Smith ..was another link in my love of cooking.
We might not always remember every life we touch. .
but maybe what matters most is not knowing we've touched a life.
but living in such a way. .
that we just might.


  1. How cool is that?! I bet Mrs. Smith will be surprised. It's always good for teachers to realize how far their influence goes. And it is good for students to say "thank you."

    You're such a sweetheart. I'm so glad that your time in English class came to such a good result!

  2. I love this post. I only recognize one face on that sheet of head shots...and no, you haven't changed that much! Well... a little.

    How fun to meet Mrs. Smith after all these decades.

  3. Oh.. I love this post. I hope Mrs. Smith visits.
    Oh.. and I sasw you right aways! I also had two friends that would have been remembered much easier than me...
    There is something wonderful about touching a life without knowing it.

  4. Ahh look at you! Love it. What a fun encounter. I'm thinking I need to keep a book in my trunk at all times...just in case.

  5. You are the cute boy in the middle of the second row down, right?

    Home Ec is so near and dear to my heart. I do feel sorry that it is not offered in school much any more.

  6. yes. .Jill..that is right and to think he fell in love with me that way. :)

  7. absolutely lovely, lovella! what a tribute to teachers. they are such strong influencers and "mark makers" in children's lives. what a high calling!

  8. This was the year I was married, but I could have been the girl on the top row with the dark framed glasses as I looked the same in those days.

    It is nice to meet a former teacher so many years later and express gratitude to them --I'm sure you made Mrs. Smith's day!

  9. It's always fun when one has this kind of moment. I had one like that at Hofstede's today...and away we went...and made our connections from many years ago.
    Wonderful post and so nice that you kept those year books. Mine were destroyed by water.
    Sounds like you had your fun in school. A sparkle in your eye for not just one...but more later in your life.

  10. She had no idea just how famous you had become. If she had known, she would have asked to have her picture taken with you and then would have shown it to everyone:) I love this story and the fun of seeing you in your school yearbook. I graduated in 1972. It is good you choose to communicate with older people:) I like your last quote. It is so true! One never knows. Mrs. Smith will be thrilled when she visits MGCC blog!

  11. Hey Lovella, would that be my sister Elsie juggling dough...I can hardly remember her that way. She seemed so much more serious to's neat to hear about her "fun" side with friends. Thanks for sharing.

    Lin Enns


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