the pumpkin harvest

The easiest and most uncared for seeds in the garden was the packet of pumpkin seeds.
I remember thinking that we'd be glad we planted them ..
and indeed I am.

One per grand ..
and a few left for our own porch.

Happy Thanksgiving Monday!

all for now . .


  1. I'll bet there are some excited grandchildren when it came time to harvest!

  2. Such magnificent pumpkins they are!

    Perhaps your comments were off yesterday; I couldn't find a place to leave one. Just wanted to say that your prayers are always a great blessing and then to see the grandchildren with their beautiful painting and so proud of the great job that they did...another blessing!

  3. Beautiful!! Someday we are going to do pumpkins -- but I don't think they would fit very well in our little garden.

    I hope you have a lovely day!!!

  4. Wow! A great end-of-season bonus from your garden.

  5. Your home-grown pumpkins are so beautifully round and orange! They make me smile, and I know the grans will be thrilled!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours, Lovella.

  6. Oh what fun! Those pumpkins really look great...

  7. That garden looks so 'used up' now... but what a fun way to end that season. Beautiful pumpkins!

  8. I hope you mat and frame the turkey hands and buddies foot art that was posted yesterday. And I hope my five pumpkins Orange up...a few sunny days might do the trick don't you think?

  9. What we don,t do in mind of our grands!!! They are so beautiful and what project will we undertake when they leave the nest?

  10. Those are some big pumpkins! Did you milk feed them? My nephew raised them for the fair and did that to his-it works!
    Happy Thankgiving to you. Your table was lovely too. And your grandchildren are adorable!

  11. You did much better than we did this year. My pumpkins were the size pf plums. I don't whether we planted them too late - or that it was a very slow season. I had to buy my Thanksgiving/autumn decorations. Are you going to carve them?

    Love your wee ones' Thanksgiving art!


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