Monday, May 31, 2010

roses in the rain

Well if rain is good for the garden in the long run. . .
my roses will just have to grin . .bear it. . .and consider themselves primed for the season.
It has happened often during the roses first bloom. . .
rain .. .rain and more rain.
I always debate. .
do I cut the David Austin Gertrude Jekyll roses to enjoy them inside. .
or do I leave them out to let the secondary buds successfully open.
In the end. . .
I cut enough of them to allow the fragrance to permeate the bungalow with true rose scent.
Guests are treated to heavy white jugs of David Austin Mary Roses. . . .

and when the showers take their leave .. ..
I take up residence in the garden once more.
A cup of tea. . .
a bit of a stroll about. .
and my thoughts are challenged beyond success to think what it was . . .
that was all but a mild disruption of an otherwise peaceful day.

All for now. . .

Friday, May 28, 2010

bird hair

You just have to smile at the fuzz at the top of the head.
The mother bird was creating such a fuss while I was gardening. .
and then I noticed a few feet away this youngster gawking at me.
I removed myself from the scene. .
and peace prevailed in the garden once again.

Happy Friday!

All for now .. .

Thursday, May 27, 2010

first roses of summer

For those days. .
when the hours fly past like minutes. . .
I'm happy for the roses that are hanging over the fence. .
"pick me".

Busy days. .
grammie days . ..
rainy days. . .

It's all good.

all for now. . . 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Team Finch

I've been keeping an eye on the birds . . .

I love to watch them take turns on the nest.
One is ready to take flight while the other is on it's way back with a bit of lunch.
Team work. . .so amazing.

Most of us are  part of a team in some point in our lives.
we all have a job to do. .
we are all needed . . .
a purpose in this life.

The fantastic part is that we will have passion within our team . ..
there will be joy in serving .. .
since  God designed us with this purpose in mind.
I'm so thankful for the teams that God has placed me on.
Each team serves a different purpose . ..
but all to the glory of God.

All. . .from watching the birds.

all for now. . .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

random thoughts in the lupin field

The lupin fields are at their personal best right now.

There is something so delightful about being outdoors with a summer jacket and realizing that it's just a bit too warm to wear it.
Yesterday was not that unusual around here . .
the chores still needed to be done. . .
and I washed tablecloths and linens from the weekend. .
but in my heart it was a holiday.

As with most common things in life . . .
it's all in the attitude.
Contentment is so under rated don't you think?
I'd rather be content and at peace than most anything else.
And. . .I am.

At the end of the day. . .
I'm just one little piece in God's puzzle.
I'm just a petal in the vast field of flowers .. .
and while so many in the world are struggling to survive ..
I am thankful for small blessings like beautiful wild lupin fields.

All for now. . .

Monday, May 24, 2010

new tasks

We are enjoying Queen Victoria Day here in Canada.

I took the opportunity to delegate a few tasks to the more ambitious. .

more energetic and ones that would work for zwieback and french toast.

I noticed on more than one occasion this weekend in several different capacities. .

that beginners whether they are two or closer to fifty-two need a bit of encouragement.

Encouragement with a bit of a cheer from the side lines. .

and a hug for their efforts . .

are more than enough to make a soul believe that they are more than capable.

Often I find it is a terribly tempting thought to do the job myself. .

but then I reason out. . .

that I'm robbing the learner of success if I believe them when they say .. .

"it's tricky".

And so ..

on this wonderful holiday here in Canada. . .

I'm watching from the sidelines and I am enjoying watching those around me take fledgling steps.

At the end of the day I'll beam like a all instructors do. .

when starts begin with angst. . .but success is soon achieved.

All for now. . .

Friday, May 21, 2010

29 years ago

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you have instant recall of documented facts.
Twenty-nine years from now ..
I'll be able to pull up the label called family and see which year Stuart started commuting to work by road bike.
I'm pretty sure he won't write the historic information in his own journal. . .
so I'll cover it for him.
Somethings I didn't need to document to retain crucial bits of news.
I have a perfect recollection of baking cinnamon rolls twenty nine years ago yesterday.
I also recall walking around the block several time around 7:30 that evening.
That was another night in my life when sleep eluded me.
It was back in the day. .
when the reward for a vicious bit of back labour was rewarded with a surprise of boy or girl.
Twenty nine years ago today. .
at precisely 10 am. . . .
it was a boy.

A Son . .
A brother ..  .
A grandson ..
A nephew ..
A child who was loved.

Last night ..
his dad and I went to inspect the piece of equipment.
He was leaning over his bike . .
and I remembered then. .
a picture from long ago... 

leaning over his bike.. . .

So .. what do you think the son of a Mennonite Girl Can Cook wants for his birthday cake?

We picked it up last night. .
and treated ourselves to chocolate dipped cones while we were at it. .

Who cares what the cake is. . .
it's all about celebrating life. .

All for now. . .

Thursday, May 20, 2010

watering the flowers

Every once in awhile I love a good storm.
Here on the west coast a good storm  would be considered quite harmless in tornado alley.
We watched the wind come up while we were having our cuppa in the afternoon . ..
he ran for bungee cords while I anchored the tent with my bulk.

I shouted out to my freshly planted baby annuals. . .
"a little threat to your life is good for you. . .if it doesn't kill you ..
it will make you stronger".

Isn't that the truth of life?

All for now . . .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sun and then rain

Yesterday afternoon while it poured cats and dogs, I was working on some posts for MGCC.
While I was in my pictures I saw our small party from last Friday.
The sun was shining. . .we wore our shorts. .
I watered flowers. .
while he grilled the burgers.
I listened to the rain pounding on the window. .
and I was content.
Whether the sun shines. .
or the clouds open up to relieve me from flower watering responsibilites . ..
I have my tent. .
and I have a party partner. . .
and I am thankful.
All for now .. .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the anniversary party

Introduction to the cast and the story line . . .

 Back in 1978 when I married the oldest grandson in my beloved's family. . .
I was warmly received into the family by his grandparents. .
and aunts and uncles.

It seemed proper and fitting to call them Uncle Elvin and Auntie Wendy as my beloved had called them. .
and as the age difference between them and us narrowed. .
we finally dropped the aunt and uncle as time made us friends.

Several weeks ago we received an email inviting us to the 40th anniversary of Elvin and Wendy. .
. . .a surprise. . .in their backyard. . proper attire. . .70's.

OH. . . Did you know that Judy from her Front Porch  . ..and I married into the same family?
Judy's husband . ..and my husband. . .are second cousins.
We so enjoy visiting together at these special family functions since we've been close bloggy friends.
Judy and I would like to thank our husbands for being such good sports in agreeing to us posting the picture above.

The Party

Elvin and Wendy arrived home. . to find their front lawn full of guests. . dressed in ridiculous 70's attire. .
and the first thing I thought was. .
I hope she doesn't crash her new bike.  She didn't.
The smiles on their faces made us smile. . and the party  began.

They were sent upstairs to dress in their "going away" outfits and we all oohed and aaahed over how wonderfully they still fit.

They had to have family pictures taken of course.
The out of towner's were not able to attend. . .
but those that lived in the hometown ..
hosted. .
BBQ'd. . .
played vinyl records and adjusted the arm for each skip in the song.
They put up yellow streamers like the days of old.
They poured punch with babies on hips.
They parked VW vans to add the ambiance.
They entertained us by modeling several different outfits.. .
and they generally put on a party that made their parents feel special and appreciated.

There was cake of course. .

There was the photo retake of the wedding party.

At the end of the evening. .
we drove home content in the friendship we have with our aunt and uncle. 

They have had forty years of love and faithfulness.
As I watched them embrace on Sunday night. . .
I realized again how blessed we are to have examples like them in our life.

All for now . .

Monday, May 17, 2010

lil farm hand

  Happy Monday . . .

Friday, May 14, 2010

dreaming of pear pie

Yesterday we added a new member to our orchard.

I say orchard in loose terms. . .
since our orchard consists of one rogue flowering cherry tree that has kept us in cherry jam all winter long.

We also have  an Italian Plum Tree.
We both love Italian Plums. 
They are the best plums to tuck into soft Wareneki dough and we always feel quite pleased with ourselves on how that balances out the meal.
"A little dough .. .a little fruit. .
it's all good. ."
that's what we usually say.

Anyways. .
our Italian Plum tree has a bit of an attitude.
Every year. . it grows out a whack of suckers from the base of the trunk.
We chop them off. . .
give it a bit of chicken manure . .
it then sprouts some nice green little plums. .
and then later in summer. .
as I pull out the flour bag to make some dough. .
they fall off. .
still green.

If you have any advice for our Italian Plum Tree. .
we'd be mighty indebted to you.

My beloved asked at the garden shop today. .
and the lady said to him. .
"maybe it should be afraid for it's life .. . nick the bottom of the trunk a bit"
and so he did.

We also have two apple trees that were orphans.
Word came to us that some neighbors down the road were saying hi ho to their apple orchard and there were free apple trees for the taking.

We went and dug up a couple dwarf trees. .
and they have thanked us every year by keeping our freezer full of applesauce. .
and our tummies full of apple pies and perishky.

We also have a yellow plum tree that produces thousands of yellow plums.
We eat them. .

give them away  . . 
 and if we're not careful we miss the whole event.
There have been years that from mowing the lawn one week to the other. .
the plums are done.

The sad part about that tree. .
we're not nuts about yellow plums.
We thought we were.

So now we have a pear tree.
Canned pears in light syrup for vanilla custard. .
Pears for Pear Custard Pie. .
Pears for summer fruit salad.

Pears for picking fresh off the tree. .
juice dripping off my chin.

Okay . .
so maybe not this summer. .
but every girl needs something to look forward to.

OH.  ..and do run over to my friend Judy's Front Porch . .blogger has listed her as the blog of note for today.

All for now. .

Thursday, May 13, 2010

first summer supper

Yesterday the weather promised to be rollkuchen and watermelon worthy. .
so I put a call into the kids. . .
and mixed up some rollkuchen dough in the morning.
It's hard to know whether two year olds remember the typical Mennonite dinner from last summer.
If they forgot. .
they didn't let on.
Rollkuchen. . .with Rogers Syrup for dip .. Crisp Cold Watermelon ..
and Freshly Smoked BBQ'd Farmer Sausage . .
a completely balanced meal.
Kanneloni Macaroni who has a natural inclination to enjoy foods that start in the flour bag. . .
plowed through her first rollkuchen like a pro.
Who says that summer suppers have to start June 21st?
As you can see. . .there are others in the family who like to hold a camera.
I was going to crop myself out. .
but I'm keeping it real.

All for now .. .