As I already mentioned. . .
the weather has been amaaaazing.
Our Magnolia Tree continues to blossom even as the leaves open up.
My parents gave it to us to plant when my beloved's Dad passed away.
We planted it in our yard.  .
bought the farm . .
dug up the tree . .
and replanted it at the farm.
Did I mention we put the tent up?
Just saying is all. . .
Did I mention the clouds have been spectacular?
Clear blue skies are good. . .
but clouds with personality. . .
somehow ..
send me running for my camera.
And.  .
for good measure. .
I like to toss the names about. .
saying things. .
like. .
"oh . .look at that cumulus cloud". . .
just to keep him amused.

All for now .  . .


  1. There's a few cirrus clouds out there this morning...but the sunshine is here to stay for awhile yet. You will have plenty of time to sit in your tent...and enjoy the blooms!

  2. I've been noticing a new trend on blogs....I have to turn my head a wee bit. Your magnolia is so pretty...and I am loving the tent! You have such a pretty yard. Kathy (MGCC)

  3. More lovely days to come! How sweet it is. Enjoy the day Lovella...

  4. Sweet days for sure. I didn't know you were such a cloud expert! I have a book with pictures of all the types of cloud formations; the only ones I can ever remember are cumulus and cirrus. The other types, like Stratocumulus castellanus, keep slipping from my memory.
    Sad isn't it?

  5. Interesting photo angles..I love the billowing clouds and the blossoms on the magnolia tree! Enjoy your beautiful yard!

  6. Cumulus clouds are my favorites!

  7. What a day for clouds...I loved them. I went out to a field with high grass, and lay hiding there for my little boys to find me...and I discovered a real photo op...
    Enjoy your back yard.
    We've been waiting for this weather.

  8. Do you actually remember the names of clouds? I don't. . . they're just clouds ... and I'm glad when they don't look threatening.

  9. Very impressive clouds! Yes, it's important to keep the beloved on his toes. A little mystery is always good. Your magnolia is gorgeous!


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