Team Finch

I've been keeping an eye on the birds . . .

I love to watch them take turns on the nest.
One is ready to take flight while the other is on it's way back with a bit of lunch.
Team work. . .so amazing.

Most of us are  part of a team in some point in our lives.
we all have a job to do. .
we are all needed . . .
a purpose in this life.

The fantastic part is that we will have passion within our team . ..
there will be joy in serving .. .
since  God designed us with this purpose in mind.
I'm so thankful for the teams that God has placed me on.
Each team serves a different purpose . ..
but all to the glory of God.

All. . .from watching the birds.

all for now. . .


  1. It's fascinating to watch the birds working together for the common goal of nurturing their young! Haven't heard one of them say, "hey, why am I always working harder than you?" LOL

  2. I too enjoy watching the birds in our yard working together. Team work... doing our part...the best we can. It is fun...most of the time :) Kathy

  3. A great example of co-operation and teamwork! We can learn a lot from the birds.

    Nice photo, Lovella.

  4. So meditative this week!

    Love your weather vane, and apparently so do the birds.

  5. Love this photo Lovella! The subject the composition, etc. etc. Should be in a book :0)

  6. There is a whole lot to learn from birds!
    Thank you for the teamwork reminder Lovella.

  7. Talking about birds and nesting...I just saw some fresh ___on my truck window this morning...I think we should train them to do that in their nests..
    Yes, I agree with you about team work...which reminds me about a project which involves extensive team work. And we also need great leaders...That's what makes a fantastic team. Your ideas reflect an awesome team.

  8. Reminds me of a song my grandchildren sing about teamwork. I have become more interested in watching birds too. It amazes me how they learn to do all that they need to do. I like how you tied this in to the needed teamwork of our lives.

  9. How true.. team work.. unity and harmony working for a common goal. Yes.. the birds can teach us how!


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