new tasks

We are enjoying Queen Victoria Day here in Canada.

I took the opportunity to delegate a few tasks to the more ambitious. .

more energetic and ones that would work for zwieback and french toast.

I noticed on more than one occasion this weekend in several different capacities. .

that beginners whether they are two or closer to fifty-two need a bit of encouragement.

Encouragement with a bit of a cheer from the side lines. .

and a hug for their efforts . .

are more than enough to make a soul believe that they are more than capable.

Often I find it is a terribly tempting thought to do the job myself. .

but then I reason out. . .

that I'm robbing the learner of success if I believe them when they say .. .

"it's tricky".

And so ..

on this wonderful holiday here in Canada. . .

I'm watching from the sidelines and I am enjoying watching those around me take fledgling steps.

At the end of the day I'll beam like a all instructors do. .

when starts begin with angst. . .but success is soon achieved.

All for now. . .


  1. sweet....and brilliant on the central vac cover. That is why I didn't want one...I had seen homes beat up by dragging the tubing around.

  2. It's great to be able to watch and encourage without yielding to temptation :0)
    Enjoy your Queen Victoria Day Lovella!

  3. I guess I missed my chance! My 'would be vacuum cleaners' have returned it's all up to me now. Can they still learn to vacuum at...say sixty? Maybe if I cheer...a lot?

    Have a great holiday Monday.

  4. Fabulous lesson! Cleaning is always a good fall back career for anyone needing a few maybe grammie will eventually pay for this kind of work?

    Is a Queen's cake in the oven? Gotta have Queen's cake today don't you think?

    PS: Do you think they would be interested in learning how to shovel snow? I need some snow shoveled today...serious. I am not kidding.

  5. Ahhhhh, Victoria Day! Brings back such neat memories! Four years ago we were in Victoria, staying at the Queen Victoria Hotel on Victoria Day. We left town before the parade and headed up to Nanaimo (sp?) and then got back in time to go down to the harbor area and mingle with the locals. It was so much fun!

  6. Isn't it fun watching those little behinds motor all over the place. Yes, I can see that you are it worth it? but they probably love just playing with that big hose. They love the simple things.

  7. Could I please borrow your helpers for an hour or two? I promise to take good care of them and feed them very fresh, warm from the oven peanut butter cookies. I enjoy your blog!

  8. We happened to have a Victoria Sandwich Cake yesterday for dessert and I thought how perfect that would be for celebrating Victoria Day. :) Yum yum!!! We are cleaning here too, only I don't feel like we progress much when things just get messed up again! Oh well. I think this is normal for a house full of 5 kids, right? :)

  9. Wow! Good help is getting younger and younger! Cute pics, Lovella. Happy Victoria Day to you and thank you for all the fun this morning.

  10. If the help can't be as efficient as some, at least the help can be cute!!

  11. The teaching, training, patience needed...all part of this grandmothering journey. Cutest pictures! My grandma was the one who taught me to clean...did she ever!


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