on sunday may 9th

Friday .. .
we could see that the weather looked hopeful for the weekend so the tent was set up. .
and we declared our outdoor summer evenings with the heater.  .

One of the two of us.  .
had developed a stink pink eye so we had imposed a self induced quarantine from the grands that had not stink pink eye.

To make up for his infirmity . ..
my beloved called me up while he was doing chores on Sunday morning inviting me to luncheon with him at a within walking distance restaurant.

In the afternoon ..
we  packed up a basket of flowers. . .a bucket.  .a scrub brush and a squirt bottle of cleaner.
The first stop was at Mom's who was happy to have a hug from her son ..
even with his stink pink eye.
I asked her for her big box of old pictures and we spent several hours looking at pictures. . .
while I hastily developed future posts in my head.
From there.  .
we headed to the local Mennonite Cemetery to clean some stones.
Fifteen years ago the cemetery became the resting place for my mom.
We had been there nine months earlier when we laid my dad "by love" to rest.

It was peaceful there . .
and we saw that other people were there too ..
taking care of the resting places of the people they are missing.

There was a time that I would leave a few tears there but now. .
I am just so thankful that I loved my loving mother who is . .
safely in the arms of Jesus.

Our day ended with a wonderful dinner of grilled veggies ..
Ciabatta baguette with creamy butter . .
corn on the cob. .
 some succulent steak..
and a hot fudge Sunday with toasted Almonds . ..
all  assisted prepared by the one . .
who had stink pink eye.

It was a very good day.

All for now . . .


  1. What a great way to spend a beautiful May afternoon. I hope the afflicted one is feeling much better!

  2. A lovely day indeed!!! Glad you enjoyed it, despite the pink eye quarantine.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful...and memorable Mother's Day. The one with 'stink eye' will remember it as well...the day 'mother' joined him in quarantine.

  4. Sounds like a great day Lovella! Blessings and I hope that eye is all healed soon!!

  5. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  6. What a wonderful idea...taking your cleaning agents to clean around those special tombstones. May our mother's live in our hearts forever.
    I wanted to drive by and peak at you in your tent..

  7. Had you been at the MC a few hours earlier, we would have met - we had the same idea, but this time it was actually initiated by our granddaughters. The youngest told me on friday that they would like to go to the "centemary" on mothers day to see where my mom was buried. It was a precious time!

  8. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day - honoring moms and being honored!

  9. A relaxed Mother's Day with the man who made such an event possible in your life. Sweet.

    I was checking today's Bible reading on your blogging friends page. Anyone needing inspiration for a unique baby name...well, that chapter is just the place to go!

  10. So good to see you appreciate the moments, even in quarantine and in sorrow... for loved ones who are not here to share in life with you any more. The sunshine helped, didn't it?

  11. What a lovely day you had. Building and recollecting memories. I love that you also take care of your parents resting place. Such beautiful flowers you will all enjoy this summer. Tent....Ohhhh...sounds perfect. Kathy

  12. You shared your day in a fun and colorful way. I like how you honored the two mothers in your life. The geraniums were so pretty. It amazes me how you add creativity to every activity. Hope the pink eye is gone by now.

  13. It looks like a lovely day and I smiled to think of you smiling as you remembered your mother. What's any more comforting than knowing where she is and Who shares her company?

    Here's wishing the pink eye guy quick relief and speedy healing.


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