sun and then rain

Yesterday afternoon while it poured cats and dogs, I was working on some posts for MGCC.
While I was in my pictures I saw our small party from last Friday.
The sun was shining. . .we wore our shorts. .
I watered flowers. .
while he grilled the burgers.
I listened to the rain pounding on the window. .
and I was content.
Whether the sun shines. .
or the clouds open up to relieve me from flower watering responsibilites . ..
I have my tent. .
and I have a party partner. . .
and I am thankful.
All for now .. .


  1. You'll enjoy that tent rain or shine, won't you?
    That's my favorite summer meal - a homemade burger, grilled by TGD and eaten outside. I wish you lots of those summer afternoons!

  2. We need both..the sunshine and the rain! And you can always sit in the tent no matter what the weather. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Lovella:

    I hope you won't laugh at me for inspecting your picture so closely, but I'm wondering if that is a homemade relish on your burger bun? I've been looking for a relish recipe for a long time. I've found a few, but haven't really been happy with any of the outcomes. If it is homemade, would you consider sharing the recipe on your MGCC blog? I've tried alot of you and your friends's recipes already and have enjoyed them alot.It's at the point now that when I try cooking or baking something new, my husband gets a little grin on his face and calls me his "mennonite" cook. Don't worry, he loves it when I spend hours looking through the recipes on your blogs, because he knows that means soon there will be something delicious whipped up in our kitchen. Have a nice day Lovella, I hope the sun will continue to fight it's way out.

  4. Hi Annon. ..woah .you have a good eye. The hot dog relish recipe is in fact on my sidebar at the bottom under miscellaneous or it is also in the MGCC blog under Canning and Preserves. We've been eating his mom's recipe since we've been married. We usually make it the end of summer when there is plenty of cucumbers and the other veggies. I hope you like this recipe.

  5. Ha! I was relieved that I didn't need to water, too. Your meal looked yummy!

  6. Happy to see that Mennonite Guys Can Cook too.

    (You make your own hot dog relish? Amazing...)

  7. That hamburger looks amazing to this gal who just finished her not-quite-so-satisfying lunch. And I'm sure that it tasted especially good to you because you didn't cook it! What's this about homemade relish? Off to check that out...


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