for being a blessing

I have  learned so much from so many women who are also mothers . ..
You might not recognize who you are in my list . .
but . .
I am thanking God for each of you by name.

For promising my mom you would be there for me . .
For the opportunities you gave us . . .
For raising such a fantastic son . .who is capable of loving . . .
For loving my children and grands like you do . . .
For being my cheerleader . .
For reminding me that I should use the gifts that that God gave me. . .
For giving me an understanding of how to ask for forgiveness and then to forgive . .
For reminding me that God made my personality unique. . I am who I am. . .
For teaching my grands the joys of living . . .
For smiling . . .and then smiling again.
For being such good moms to my grands . .
For being part of my team . .
For all the emails of encouragement . . .
For all the prayers that are offered on my behalf . .
For teaching me what it means to live life with grace . .
For being an example of the strength that only God gives . .
For being sister in laws that have  loved my brothers and have blessed our family . . .
For listening to my dreams and dreaming them with me . . 
For all the phone calls . .
For always being there. . .every week . ..
For making me laugh with your wit and charm . .
For still being my friend when I was not . .
For teaching me the value of real relationships . .

For all that you have given me . . 
I offer you love in return . .
I pray that God will bless you . ..
and keep you ..
and make his face to shine upon you ..
and give you peace..

Happy Mothers Day to all the girls in my life.


  1. What a nice tribute to all of your friends!

  2. Lovella, this is beautiful! A happy mothers' day to you. Dairymary

  3. A beautiful tribute..many blessings to you.
    Happy Mother's Day Lovella.

  4. What a lovely tribute Lovella! Blessings...

  5. What a wonderful Mother's Day post...from a mother's heart.

  6. I would venture to guess that you would also be on every one of their lists too. What a sweet way to thank each of those special women, including the beauty of your flowered blog banner and background. I am sure they are feeling so blessed today.

  7. A creative way to post your feelings of so many women who mean so much in your life.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    I love that collage. Beautiful.

  8. Thank you for this reminder today to remember those who have been there along the way to walk with us, pray for us, give advice, cheer us on or even cause us to see our faults... so we can work on them. What a beautiful tribute!
    A thankful heart is good medicine.
    May you be blessed in unexpected ways this Mother's Day.

  9. I hope you have a very special Mother's Day!!!

  10. What was this...our 31st Mothers Day? Good years.

  11. Coming by late....loved this post. Your heart is well expressed here. You are a blessing in my life! Kathy


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