dreaming of pear pie

Yesterday we added a new member to our orchard.

I say orchard in loose terms. . .
since our orchard consists of one rogue flowering cherry tree that has kept us in cherry jam all winter long.

We also have  an Italian Plum Tree.
We both love Italian Plums. 
They are the best plums to tuck into soft Wareneki dough and we always feel quite pleased with ourselves on how that balances out the meal.
"A little dough .. .a little fruit. .
it's all good. ."
that's what we usually say.

Anyways. .
our Italian Plum tree has a bit of an attitude.
Every year. . it grows out a whack of suckers from the base of the trunk.
We chop them off. . .
give it a bit of chicken manure . .
it then sprouts some nice green little plums. .
and then later in summer. .
as I pull out the flour bag to make some dough. .
they fall off. .
still green.

If you have any advice for our Italian Plum Tree. .
we'd be mighty indebted to you.

My beloved asked at the garden shop today. .
and the lady said to him. .
"maybe it should be afraid for it's life .. . nick the bottom of the trunk a bit"
and so he did.

We also have two apple trees that were orphans.
Word came to us that some neighbors down the road were saying hi ho to their apple orchard and there were free apple trees for the taking.

We went and dug up a couple dwarf trees. .
and they have thanked us every year by keeping our freezer full of applesauce. .
and our tummies full of apple pies and perishky.

We also have a yellow plum tree that produces thousands of yellow plums.
We eat them. .

give them away  . . 
 and if we're not careful we miss the whole event.
There have been years that from mowing the lawn one week to the other. .
the plums are done.

The sad part about that tree. .
we're not nuts about yellow plums.
We thought we were.

So now we have a pear tree.
Canned pears in light syrup for vanilla custard. .
Pears for Pear Custard Pie. .
Pears for summer fruit salad.

Pears for picking fresh off the tree. .
juice dripping off my chin.

Okay . .
so maybe not this summer. .
but every girl needs something to look forward to.

OH.  ..and do run over to my friend Judy's Front Porch . .blogger has listed her as the blog of note for today.

All for now. .


  1. I'm chuckling Lovella..just don't give up dreaming! We planted a pear tree a few years back and so far we have enjoyed a 'handful crop' one summer..surely it will get better. Maybe our growing zone is just short of what it needs.
    It does have beautiful blossoms this year so maybe this is the year for a bumper crop:)

  2. Our pear is the oldest tree in the orchard and it has given us exactly one pear. Perhaps I should nick the trunk!

  3. Ha! Not a fan of yellow plums. I don't know if I've ever had a yellow plum. I do enjoy the Italian ones. When we bought this little plot here in Washington there was an established pear and apple tree. Yesterday I was surprised to see the pears growing already. Itty bitty ones...
    I think we were all doing the same thing yesterday!

  4. mmm...a pear tree! how fantastic!

  5. It's wonderful to have an orchard on your property, isn't it! Whoever lived on our quarter acre lot before us planted 6 fruit trees and a hazelnut tree. Unfortunately, one of them is a yellow plum, and like you, we are NOT fond of them, but because the tree provides privacy from the neighbours, we don't want to take it out. I wish it could become a pear tree! sigh.

  6. Your little orchard seems to be extremely fruitful. Such delicious selections too...

    The only pears growing in my garden are the alligator version...also known as avocados. They are good, but I think I prefer your kind better!

  7. One thing I loved about our hobby farm were the fruit trees...plums, pears and apples and then two rows of raspberries. Our little yard does not have room for them now....but you have the room and you will enjoy the fruit! Kathy

  8. You ARE such a good writer . . .

  9. Nothing like fruit off the tree in one's own garden! We have a wee damson plum tree waiting to be planted...somewhere near our multi-variety apple tree.

    I'm with you when it comes to Italian prunes...they are the best! Wishing you many delicious dishes with pears from your backyard...sometime...down the road.

  10. WOW, you have lots of fruit trees, and a crop that supplies many of your wonderful bakers' delights.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day in your garden...May I ask you what that blue barrel is for?
    We have some of them too..but they are used for barrel racing.

  11. Marg .. our blue barrel is to catch rain water.

  12. Really? Wow! And I nearly missed it!

    Oh I do love your plan for a pear tree. I should have a pear tree given they are my favorite fruit. You've described them so well that I really, really want a pear very much. I have no advice for your plum tree...hope that the nick is just what she needs.

  13. Learned some more new fun facts about you. You almost had me dreaming about pear everything. I smiled when I read the part about the yellow plums. Wishing you great success with the pear trees.

  14. I hope you don't mind, but I linked you up on my blog as I read your all the time. I'd love it if you checked out my blog. I actually live just down the road from you!

  15. Your orchard is growing... I have such happy memories of our orchard growing up. I can't think why you plums would be falling off ..I don't remember ours doing that.
    Italian perogies .. my favorite and plum platz. Mmmmmmm

  16. We'd heard the expression 'plant pears for your heirs' when we planted our pears trees in the orchard a number of years ago. Lo and behold, the year our first grandson was born, we had our first pears! We still get very little fruit on those trees. Dairymary

  17. We had exactly one pear on our tree last year (it's first year) and being overzealous, my husband plucked it before it was ready. This shall be the year :) Don't forget to have another pear tree nearby for pollinating!


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