Hide and Seek

I was out taking pictures of the apple tree blossoms between the hail storm showers.

Out of the corner of my eye ..

I saw movement.

It was the little fella that has been munching on the tender shoots of my lily.

He had observed the hide and seek rules that the grands and we use.

If you don't move. .

and look straight ahead ..

no one sees you.

Try it sometime.

I quietly whispered the garden rules and off he scampered . . .

apparently realizing he was home free.

That's just the kind of girl I am ..

OH. .

This morning I ran over to see what is for breakfast at the Mennonite Girls Can Cook kitchen .. and I saw I wasn't the first one . .

at 6:14 am there were 314 visitors. .

so much for getting up early to watch the clock turn.

Since I'm up so early . .

I guess I'll whip us up a batch of the poached eggs Kathy is serving.

All for now . .


  1. Would have done the same! He's too cute!

  2. Very cute! I found some goodies hiding in my garden yesterday as well...no bunnies though.

    I wish we could know who was that 1,000,000th visitor. How fun!

  3. How sweet - aren't you glad he's not the giant rabbit that was on the news a few nights ago (the one who eats 84 carrots a day)?!? Heard from another MGCC about the book offer - how fabulous for all of you!

  4. Ha! Just stay still and look straight ahead!! :0)
    Cute bunny. Poached eggs sound real good!

  5. You did well.
    My body could not of sit still so long. As you know my voice would be shrieking.
    Wow! Over One Million...This has become so much fun.

  6. We only find frogs and snails in our yard....cute little fellow you came upon. It's the million count day...worth celebrating, isn't it! Kathy

  7. This is my first visit to your lovely blog via Olivia & Me but I will be returning. We both discovered little bunnies in our gardens (although yours is a bit younger!) They consider my garden an all you can eat buffet! Don't you just love the smell of apple blossoms?


  8. Someday when all of you are famous for your "mennonite girls can cook" blog, will you still come around and visit all of us? I am so proud of all of you!

    Loved the pictures on this post and the gentle heart that is portrayed to even a tiny garden intruder.

  9. Finding some fun in the moments... you're good at that.

  10. 1,000,000
    wow......i am amazed!
    what a cute wabbit

  11. That little bunny is way too cute!!!! My kids would love it!

    BTW, remember how I said I would LOVE some lilacs? Well, my Dad bought me a lilac bush in honor of Laura's birth! I was so excited! I hadn't said anything to him either...


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