first roses of summer

For those days. .
when the hours fly past like minutes. . .
I'm happy for the roses that are hanging over the fence. .
"pick me".

Busy days. .
grammie days . ..
rainy days. . .

It's all good.

all for now. . . 


  1. They sound like happy days to me. Enjoy!

  2. Bury your nose deep in that rose and take a deep breath - and then you'll be set for the day!

  3. I love how much notice you take of God's gifts of beauty! from a little finch, to a field of lupins, to a delicate rose! thanks for sharing!

  4. I noticed thwe same yesterday... the first red rose had opened.

  5. No roses over here just thanks for sharing yours.

  6. What a beautiful picture. If I had an ounce of 'green thumb' in me, I would attempt growing some roses. For now I'll be happy to enjoy yours and mom's. :)

  7. I'm going to attempt a rose bush this year. I tried them years back and killed every last one of them. Traded them in for peonies which are still going strong. But all the roses on bloggyland are too tempting - I'm going to try again. And pick a good hardy Canadian bred rose this time.

    Enjoy your rose filled grammie days!

  8. I have my first ones So pretty. and me both. I hope you get all things done you need to. Kathy

  9. Lovely days and where did the rose wind up? In a vase or in a bowl?


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