random thoughts in the lupin field

The lupin fields are at their personal best right now.

There is something so delightful about being outdoors with a summer jacket and realizing that it's just a bit too warm to wear it.
Yesterday was not that unusual around here . .
the chores still needed to be done. . .
and I washed tablecloths and linens from the weekend. .
but in my heart it was a holiday.

As with most common things in life . . .
it's all in the attitude.
Contentment is so under rated don't you think?
I'd rather be content and at peace than most anything else.
And. . .I am.

At the end of the day. . .
I'm just one little piece in God's puzzle.
I'm just a petal in the vast field of flowers .. .
and while so many in the world are struggling to survive ..
I am thankful for small blessings like beautiful wild lupin fields.

All for now. . .


  1. Peace...contentment...and being surrounded by all of God's many blessings...nothing more is necessary.

    The lupins are beautiful...they make me a bit homesick for the bluebonnets of Texas.

  2. Lupins always remind me of the drive home to Cape Breton, through New Brunswick and the lupins growing at the roadside. We don't see too many on the Island, although I recall their beautiful colours from a trip up to Campbell River one spring.
    Peace and contentment - very under rated!

  3. Beautiful. Contentment is a good thing. Glad you can appreciate all the beauty around you even in the midst of whatever chaos may come into our day...

  4. A 'non-holiday holiday'...calm in the midst of stress and turmoil...and fields of blue lupins for your pleasure. A blessed long-weekend...for sure!

  5. Lupins are one of my mom's favorites. But, they don't grow well here. we did have the chance once to go to PEI during Lupin season -- absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to go back just for that.

  6. Lupines are so wonderful. I always enjoy seeing them come out here, but will have to wait another few weeks.

    I just learned something new...lupin can be spelled with or without an e.

    Peace eludes me all too often. It is because there is so much going on and I am being tugged in many directions. I need to purposefully slow down when things get riled. It should be a part of my plan of action. Hmmmm...

  7. Beautifully put nd such a great reminder . . . to rest in God's care. Thank you ... I needed this today.

  8. A cheery hello from the other side of the country. I love your BC lupins! Our PEI lupins will soon be spread across the countryside like a gorgeous purple, white, pink, deep rose(and even a rare yellow) carpet. I see them every year and am still amazed and delighted by them. I agree with you on contentment and peace - it's a rare gift especially today. Like you, I have it also. I don't take it for granted.

  9. So gorgeous! Thank you for the photos. These don't grow well here, a-tall. :-)

  10. I think real contentment makes everyday a holiday because of the rest it creates. Your pictures are beautiful! We don't have those flowers in our part of the country, although I wish we did.

  11. What wonderful colors...this post reminds me of that children's story I read recently about Miss Rumphius, who did something to make the world beautiful by scattering lupin seeds everywhere she went.

  12. Those lupins are amazing. I love how you share about your life, with nature's beauty.
    A friend of mine was telling me this past weekend that many small children have a deficit of nature.
    Isn't that wonderful that you can share nature with your little farm hands?
    I had such a wonderful day with mine.

  13. Just before the day is done I came by to see your post....I'll be dreaming of fields of lupins:) Kathy (MGCC)


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