the anniversary party

Introduction to the cast and the story line . . .

 Back in 1978 when I married the oldest grandson in my beloved's family. . .
I was warmly received into the family by his grandparents. .
and aunts and uncles.

It seemed proper and fitting to call them Uncle Elvin and Auntie Wendy as my beloved had called them. .
and as the age difference between them and us narrowed. .
we finally dropped the aunt and uncle as time made us friends.

Several weeks ago we received an email inviting us to the 40th anniversary of Elvin and Wendy. .
. . .a surprise. . .in their backyard. . proper attire. . .70's.

OH. . . Did you know that Judy from her Front Porch  . ..and I married into the same family?
Judy's husband . ..and my husband. . .are second cousins.
We so enjoy visiting together at these special family functions since we've been close bloggy friends.
Judy and I would like to thank our husbands for being such good sports in agreeing to us posting the picture above.

The Party

Elvin and Wendy arrived home. . to find their front lawn full of guests. . dressed in ridiculous 70's attire. .
and the first thing I thought was. .
I hope she doesn't crash her new bike.  She didn't.
The smiles on their faces made us smile. . and the party  began.

They were sent upstairs to dress in their "going away" outfits and we all oohed and aaahed over how wonderfully they still fit.

They had to have family pictures taken of course.
The out of towner's were not able to attend. . .
but those that lived in the hometown ..
hosted. .
BBQ'd. . .
played vinyl records and adjusted the arm for each skip in the song.
They put up yellow streamers like the days of old.
They poured punch with babies on hips.
They parked VW vans to add the ambiance.
They entertained us by modeling several different outfits.. .
and they generally put on a party that made their parents feel special and appreciated.

There was cake of course. .

There was the photo retake of the wedding party.

At the end of the evening. .
we drove home content in the friendship we have with our aunt and uncle. 

They have had forty years of love and faithfulness.
As I watched them embrace on Sunday night. . .
I realized again how blessed we are to have examples like them in our life.

All for now . .


  1. What fun and what good sports everyone was!! I was married in the seventies and I had a dress very similar to Wendy...

  2. So much fun - and what a wonderful way to honor the love and commitment of this couple. Interesting - when I read Judy's post earlier, I didn't realize that these are folks that we know of through other friends of ours - what a small world!

    BTW - You have received blogger awards from Peg

  3. Lovella..thank you for sharing your fun time at the anniversary..great photo of you 2 couples:)

  4. Dy-no-mite! Far out! Totally groovy!

  5. Those two are good sports - and so are your two hubbies. It's a bit scary, how natural that 70's wear looks on them!!! :)

  6. Such good looking people in your husbands' family! Honestly, family photos from BC always make me grin because it looks like a movie set where you're all having fun. My family? Not so much! :D

  7. This has to be one of my all time favorite blog posts! The best kind of party! I love all the pictures and all the outfits. I am going to keep this in the back of my mind. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    The four of you look GREAT!!!

  8. What a hoot. so fun to celebrate in style. Diggin' the outfits...I dare you to go to church in them next weekend. Kathy


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