roses in the rain

Well if rain is good for the garden in the long run. . .
my roses will just have to grin . .bear it. . .and consider themselves primed for the season.
It has happened often during the roses first bloom. . .
rain .. .rain and more rain.
I always debate. .
do I cut the David Austin Gertrude Jekyll roses to enjoy them inside. .
or do I leave them out to let the secondary buds successfully open.
In the end. . .
I cut enough of them to allow the fragrance to permeate the bungalow with true rose scent.
Guests are treated to heavy white jugs of David Austin Mary Roses. . . .

and when the showers take their leave .. ..
I take up residence in the garden once more.
A cup of tea. . .
a bit of a stroll about. .
and my thoughts are challenged beyond success to think what it was . . .
that was all but a mild disruption of an otherwise peaceful day.

All for now. . .


  1. Mary Rose looks so much better in your climate than ours! Gorgeous blooms! I haven't got enough yard for roses now but I still love them growing in other people's gardens. I can almost smell them from here!

  2. wish i had a scratch and sniff option on my computer screen!

  3. I think I will go in search of some David Austin old-fashioned roses. Very beauutiful!

  4. What a gorgeous rose bush - somehow there's nothing like roses in the house, is there?

  5. The roses are just gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeious roses... I can just imagint the scent! I think you brought some here once - arranged in a tiny creamer.

  7. Beautiful roses! I can almost smell them, as my roses just finished blooming and the scent is still with me. :0)

  8. Such beautiful roses. I love the look of that last photo with the weathered fence and all that luscious pink.

  9. Those are beautiful, unfortunately I dug out all my roses last year...but I just need to go around the corner and pick out my favorite roses any time. It's not always easy to find those with a fragrant scent.
    Is the sun shining our way?

  10. Gorgeous roses, my imagination is supplying the scent. Here, Southern Alberta has had 5 days of rain and counting and I'm thinking I may as well be living in B.C. We are in lilac season here hoping for roses soon.

  11. The roses look so charming against the fence that way. I'm sorry that there's been so much rain your way. (We're waiting for some to take the smoke of the Quebec fires away...very hazy and smoky smelling all day. And poor Quebec needs rain to help put those fires out.)

  12. If I had done some editing, I'd have gotten rid of a few "ways" in that last comment. No time for editing so I'll just comment again and fuss. ;>

  13. I love roses... wildly blooming roses and rain... they go together, don't they?
    and nothing like the smell of a garden after a spring shower!


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