summertime tease

This week is looking to be fantastically summerish.
Nearly every day I am heard to say . .
it's so beautiful out there. . .
and ..
oh .. .look at the clouds. . .
they are amaaaazing.
(you know you say amaaazing lots when people under three feet tall who around you a fair bit. . also say amaaaazing)
This summerish weather is but a tease  .. .
we understand that ..
but the joke would be on us if we continued to wear long pants and socks as the calendar usually suggests.
Those first few times running out to do errands without needing an extra layer is always a novelty.

I know. . I know. . .those of you living in the southern parts are wondering what all the fuss is about.

It's me. . Lovella . . .from Canada. . .
and it's the 11th of May.

This morning ..
I am hosting a committee meeting .. .
two of the ten of the MGCC are coming for coffee ..
so I'll add a smile to round out my outfit..

All for now . .


  1. How funny! I'm a 'southern girl', here in northern Georgia and it hasn't even gotten into the 70's here for the last few days! We've had a colder AND wetter than normal spring.

    But then, as they say about Georgia "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!"

    We are expecting highs in the upper 80's close to 90 by week's end!

    One good thing about the cool, wet weather - everything that is blooming is brighter, bigger, prettier, and the blooms are lasting longer - gotta love that!

  2. ;-) What sweet inspiration for summertime.

    Your new blog look is pretty too! I am thinking about doing some fixing up over at my blog...but the two people I thought might help are no longer doing it. I am praying if it is the right thing to do, that God will open a door. ;-)

    Nice to visit with you Lovella.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  3. The darling little matching dresses remind me of when I was mother would make matching dresses for my younger sister and myself and our dollies...and I want to wish that sister a happy birthday today! Yes, I know we're dressing for milder weather much earlier than you, but ya'll had the laugh on us this past winter when we had the extended unseasonably cold weather and couldn't dress warm enough! Enjoy your day!!

  4. We're still in that in-between stage over here too - no sandals or sleeveless tops yet!
    Those little dresses are sweet. They remind me of the identical-but-different-coloured dresses my 11 months younger sister and I wore.

  5. Love those 'party dresses'! Why is it I feel like sewing now?

    Do I even have any summer clothes? I think it's time to check.

  6. The summertime dresses are so cute, Lovella!! Enjoy your coffee today and making decisions...

  7. I'm from the north country, too, and I am always amazed how much warmer/better your weather is on the West Coast. We are freezing over here.

    Those dresses came out adorably! Hope that we might get a glimpse of the grandgirlies wearing them.

    Enjoy your day with the MGCC gals!

  8. The dresses came out adorable! Now to whip up some matching hats...and maybe a small bow tie for Lil Farm Hand? (It is always so much more fun to suggest additional work to someone else...)

    The dresses hanging from the tree: check this link:
    Totally cute idea for use of little girl dresses too.

  9. I am loving this weather too. On my AM walk I just kept thanking God for the beauty around me. Those little dresses hanging in the tree are darling! Enjoy your day with the girls. Kathy

  10. The weather is gorgeous ! I do love it.
    Love the little dresses blowing in the breeze.
    Give the two 'committee members' each a hug from me.. and tell them to give you one from me !!
    Enjoy your day.. Iknow you will ...

  11. I wonder what all the hub is about?
    I can see the smoke rising from your way...we will be waiting to be kept in tune...
    Party Dresses so cute..but on boys?


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