Can't you just relate to bringing home new toys and wanting to try them out?

I can.

I've hardly been able to keep from whipping up a batch of buns on Christmas day just because a mixer found it's way under my tree. . .

or. .

my floor steamer thingy. . or even my electric toothbrush held a fasination for awhile.

So it was that my beloved took his first available opportunity to try out his handy dandy new gas powered hedge trimmer.

The first day he fought with the wind on which way the hedge should lean. . .

but the next day cooperation abounded and the hedge lost it's first bit of growth for the year.

I did my part of course . . .

I'm sure you noticed that.

If a hedge gets a trim .. .

but no one is there to see it be trimmed. . .

one would wonder. . .

was it trimmed at all?

Documentation of daily events may seem mundane to some . .

but around here. .

it's how we remember when we last trimmed . . .baked. . .sewed. . .vacationed. . .

you get the picture .. .


All for now . .


  1. In our marriage, we have many interesting documentations that we could share in regards to our hedge trimmer. I smiled as I read this post and saw the pictures of your husband trimming the hedges. I think guys delight in this venture. He did a great job and your grounds look beautiful!

  2. I love your take on things! the Hedge looks great!

  3. So much easier to get things done with just the right tools - the hedge looks fabulous!

  4. Ah...new toys are good...especially when they have a purpose other than 'to entertain'! Tell him he did a fine job.

  5. What a useful new toy. The Great Dane loves a new toy too, but alas, such toys are often relegated to the garage after a try or two and it takes some strong bribing from me to get them out and into use again.

  6. I feel much better now. That raggedy inch of new growth was messing with the neighborhood's aesthetic balance. Attention to such details keeps neighborhod property values up, and also allows the bloggy world another glimpse of the amazing Mr. T.

    Oh it is going to be a good day!

  7. Oh yes I do get the picture and I understand the picture and am immersed in that picture :0)
    The hedge looks fabulous btw...

  8. I'm sure that getting that hedge trimmed evenly is harder than it looks... always nice to have a new toy that makes work easier and more bearable.

  9. Great documentation on the hedge and of course new toys are always fun..

  10. Your hedge looks fantastic...Does he hire out??
    Oh, that looks scary to me...Last time John tried to trim a hedge..he almost took his hand with him.
    So we no longer trim hedges...if you let them grow...they become like a forest and now my grand kids play in the untrimmed forest. Actually it's become the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

  11. Documentaion of daily events is my kind of blogging - like chatting over the fence and sharing daily events.

    Much better than rant blogging. Oh I get tired of that.

    Just got home from town with a new mixer . . . hmmm, wonder if you have a recipe on that sidebar that I can try it out with :)

  12. Hedging --- it's always an event! Three sides of our property have the same emerald green arborvitae as you do. We let the back grow too tall, and it took a motorized lift, a chainsaw, a husband, and a son to get that hedge lowered enough to manage on a yearly basis now. Things are looking good at your house!


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