first summer supper

Yesterday the weather promised to be rollkuchen and watermelon worthy. .
so I put a call into the kids. . .
and mixed up some rollkuchen dough in the morning.
It's hard to know whether two year olds remember the typical Mennonite dinner from last summer.
If they forgot. .
they didn't let on.
Rollkuchen. . .with Rogers Syrup for dip .. Crisp Cold Watermelon ..
and Freshly Smoked BBQ'd Farmer Sausage . .
a completely balanced meal.
Kanneloni Macaroni who has a natural inclination to enjoy foods that start in the flour bag. . .
plowed through her first rollkuchen like a pro.
Who says that summer suppers have to start June 21st?
As you can see. . .there are others in the family who like to hold a camera.
I was going to crop myself out. .
but I'm keeping it real.

All for now .. .


  1. That sounds like a perfect summer supper to me!

  2. Way to go with keeping it real! :0)
    Looks like a perfect meal to me...

  3. Who wouldn't love that?!
    My mother always made something that looks like your rollkuchen, and we'd dip it in molasses - but then, that's east coast for you!

  4. Mmm - perfect way to enjoy the 'summer' days we've been having this week.

  5. Oh've got me craving now...BIG TIME!

  6. I love this type of meal, Lovella:) Roger's syrup is always a part of a rollkuchen meal here too.
    Great glad you didn't crop the one of you..keeping it real is good:)
    Hmmm, I think I need to go check my flour bin..I'm with that little gal of yours..grin

  7. That sounds (and looks) so good!!! Can't believe how your grandkids are growing up!!!

  8. The grands have no problem with that kind of meal! They can eat their veggies today. It's a perfect summertime feast.

    Roger's Golden syrup is the perfect match for rollkuchen. But it is a Canadian product. What do others use?

  9. He's how old? and he's eating with a fork and knife? Isn't it fun to enjoy meals where you don't have to coax the little ones to eat?
    Love the pics of your precious grands!

  10. Oh.. we ate them with jam as kids . . . and still do for dessert.

  11. Keeping it real, as in "everyone in this family knows how to chow down"? ;D I love it and I'm glad that you didn't crop yourself out. We gals are already way too invisible as it is.

  12. Oh yummmmy...rollkuchen, watermellon, grandkids around the tableand time to enjoy it all.

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  14. Ohh.. I love the family traditions keeping up with the new genenerations!
    No child should have to grow up without Roll Kuchen and Rabooze!

  15. I grew up without ever tasting these delicasies, and so have my children. That is another reason I enjoy visiting blogs, because I learn so much. And, by the way...I like how you keep it real on this blog. Someday I hope to taste a meal like this one.

  16. Great idea to start the summer suppers earlier than june 21st! and why not, right? :) Looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

  17. So fun, bringing that good heritage food to our little ones. What a wonderful treat. That's always special. Enjoy a wonderful day.
    In our home of boys, my mom could never make enough...Roll Kuchen

  18. Summer or not - that's a great looking meal. My kids were never huge watermelon fans - go figure, but Rollkuchen was always a hit. As for farmer sausage - that's one of the basic food groups isn't it?

  19. The little ones sure are growing up!

    I bet next summer they will certainly remember and be asking for more of that rollkuchen!

  20. haha, love how you keep it real! delicious looking dinner. paska i have not attempted, but rollkuchen i have and my husband LOVES it! (who wouldn't?) i saw that watermelons were on sale at the grocery store this week....i'm thinking i might fry us up a batch or two :)


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