while I make the coffee

Just as my beloved was finishing his lawn mowing in the front .. .
I stuck my head out the window and said. .
"you want coffee?"
He said. . "put it on .. .I'm just going to give the front windows a splash"
So. . .I hurried to put the coffee on.
If you have never used the green bottle windex solution attached to your hose . . .
you have been spending too much time window washing.

Before he does the quick hose rinse. .he takes his brush on a pole and gives the windows all a scrub.

When you live as close to the road as we do .. .
and are gifted with as much road film as we are . . .
you need a window washing method that takes no longer than it takes for a pot of coffee to brew.
Now if I could just do my part with the same method from the inside.
I'll consider my options after we've had our coffee.
All for now . . .


  1. Windex should pay you for the excellent commercial! I used to love doing that kind of window washing when we still owned a house. Now, in our 9th floor apartment, I got Brights to do it. Fantastic job!

  2. Oh thanks for the heads up on the green stuff and the hose! Boy do my windows need a splash ...

  3. I'll have to check that one out. Since my part is both the outside and the inside...I will take any help I can get. Coffee is always a good reward!

  4. once you figure the secret for getting the inside that clean, so share ;-).
    i have cleaned my windows that way from the outside too.....works.

  5. Why not try it...just kidding! That stuff does do the trick. Clean windows and coffee.....sounds good. Kathy

  6. Now, I have never heard of that...he washes windows too?
    I think I will need to go to town and purchase one of those things...
    My windows are a mess from the last rain storm, but there's promises of nice weather coming....Whoopee!

  7. I may have to print this out and share it with The Great Dane - it would be SO easy for him with the Green bottle!

  8. Oh, you might have some hubbies angry with you ... again. Just kidding. My guess is that you don't have hard water.

  9. Been loving the stuff since our Dallas days...second story windows? Done and done!

    Is Marg heading to town to purchase the product or is T. up for sale now too?

    Happy Nurses Appreciation Day to your DIL. I guess you can consider yourself a MILOAN (mother-in-law of a nurse), which is almost as good as being a MOAN (Mother of a Nurse) like me!

  10. We tried this stuff on our (really high) bedroom window...but we were not at all impressed. So I get my hubby on his tall ladder and instruct him on the wonders of Norwex, and the benefits of risking his neck.

  11. wow, I'm going to have to get that for my husband! Nice to know it works. Thanks

  12. Norwex is definately the way to go! I am soo happy with my Norwex window cleaning cloths. They will leave your windows absolutley sparkling - the best part is you don't need any soap at all, just water, the washing cloth, and the drying cloth - it's that easy! Lovella, I definatley recommend Norwex for your inside windows. Enjoy your day, and the gorgeous sunshine.

  13. thanks annonymous. .I smile as I wonder what could be easier for me than what I just posted. The inside windows .. we use vinegar, water and a squeegue. .takes only minutes are perfectly clean. ..inexpensive. . and is safe and healthy as well.

  14. Anything that makes window washing easier sounds good to me! And I would choose to be the coffee maker too:)

  15. I'm with the Norwex girls! All their products making cleaning easy and fun;)

  16. Hello Lovella:

    i have read your blog often , but never commented before. After your blog about wondering who visits your blog anonamously, and after reading the comments today about the Norwex products, I feel compelled to leave you a comment. I have to agree with the others, Norwex products are wonderful and truly make cleaning easy. (especially windows) Have a great day, Amy ( from Chillwack)

  17. I love the Windex system. It's the only way I way I can get to some of my outside windows because of bushes...And it is so awesome the way it dries streak free! A pot of coffee is a perfect way to finish off the window.

    Kathy b

  18. How do you feel knowing you just made our lives a bit easier in the window cleaning categor? Thank you so much for the creative way you shared your sparkling clean window post, and how you included coffee time with it. How perfect!


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