29 years ago

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you have instant recall of documented facts.
Twenty-nine years from now ..
I'll be able to pull up the label called family and see which year Stuart started commuting to work by road bike.
I'm pretty sure he won't write the historic information in his own journal. . .
so I'll cover it for him.
Somethings I didn't need to document to retain crucial bits of news.
I have a perfect recollection of baking cinnamon rolls twenty nine years ago yesterday.
I also recall walking around the block several time around 7:30 that evening.
That was another night in my life when sleep eluded me.
It was back in the day. .
when the reward for a vicious bit of back labour was rewarded with a surprise of boy or girl.
Twenty nine years ago today. .
at precisely 10 am. . . .
it was a boy.

A Son . .
A brother ..  .
A grandson ..
A nephew ..
A child who was loved.

Last night ..
his dad and I went to inspect the piece of equipment.
He was leaning over his bike . .
and I remembered then. .
a picture from long ago... 

leaning over his bike.. . .

So .. what do you think the son of a Mennonite Girl Can Cook wants for his birthday cake?

We picked it up last night. .
and treated ourselves to chocolate dipped cones while we were at it. .

Who cares what the cake is. . .
it's all about celebrating life. .

All for now. . .


  1. What wonderful bike photos with the lad!

    However, don't count on the internet to keep your records for the next 29 years. Naw. Things change. And the net will change, too. Possibly. Probably. Most likely.

    (Can you tell I'm a skeptic?! lol)

  2. Just happened on this blog by accident. I too am a Mennonite woman---the ethnic variety---that is, born and bred Menno, from generations of Iowa and Kansas Mennos as far back as the family tree goes, attended Menno colleges, married a blood Menno with an equally long Menno family tree---but no longer attend a Mennonite church---and was quite surprised and delighted to find you. Today's post about the bicycle was artfully done. Caused me to reflect on my own 39 year marriage and family and brought many catches of breath. Also set me off on an hour of reading back posts on this blog. Hope there is room for an occasional comment from a blood Menno who no longer practices the faith and has more questions than answers!

  3. Treasured memories - thank goodness for cameras then and now.

  4. Someday he will thank you...for documenting the important events of life...like what kind of cake he had on his 29th birthday. Happy birthday to your happy biker!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son!
    We also celebrate birthdays with other desserts than cake!
    Keep on documenting Lovella..your sons will love you for it some day:)

  6. Those photos must put a lump in your throat!
    It sounds like the birthday cake might have had a layer of that fudgie, crunchy stuff inside, if I'm thinking of the right shop - where you can have a dipped cone while you pick up the cake!

  7. Oh a very happy birthday to your son. That's great that he can commute to work on his bike. Nice looking road bike! Blessings on many more years...

  8. 35 years ago today, our first child & only son was born.
    What a great date to give birth!

  9. Those milestones become sharper and sharper in our minds. Like you said since blogging...it's tweaked our memories and we have the ability to share our joys and sorrows and recipes with others, but more important with our family in later years. Thanks for all your encouragement about blogging.

    Sharing dipped ice-cream cones is my favorite.

  10. awww.....I love what memories give....
    A poignant look back from the view of a mother's heart!

  11. Happy Birthday to Stuart! And what kind of cake does a son of a Mennonite Girls can cook Want? That's because he gets wonderful cakes all year round.

  12. I love going down memory lane. Just yesterday my girls and I talked about the hours of fun your boys and our girls had on the tramp...and they said the boys always loved their bikes and ramps. We had fun thinking back with fond memories of so amny fun days spent together. I remember your boys on those bikes. Happy Birthday Stuart. There is always a special spot in our heart for you...and we have so many good memories of you growing up...and seeing that life has treated you well...you are a blessed man! Kathy (MGCC)

  13. Way cool set of pictures! The boy turned out to be a super guy didn't he? Back labor, and knee labor (prayer) was worth it huh?

  14. Happy Birthday to the boy!

  15. You've got a lot of great memories of the happy day. Happy birthday to your boy!

  16. Mmm - Dairy Queen cake I bet. It's a brithday favourite around here too. Happy birthday to your boy!!

    (he looks so cute leaning on his bike)


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