"I'm coming"

Early Sunday morning coffee can be a challenge.

The picture noted above could be called the 15 minute bed to ready challenge.

We sleep .. .we wake. . .we dress. . and then we go.

Those that love us and join us for coffee. .

are not concerned that we are completely put together.

Sunday morning coffee is all about connecting . ..

but on this occasion. .

my beloved made me go back and change.

But before I went to do that. .

he offered to take a picture for your Monday morning smile.

Do you see the problem?


  1. Oh no! The shoes!

    Glad your beloved was there to notice!

    Thanks for the chuckle!


  2. The shoes...That would have been a hoot if you went to coffee with them on....would have been way better if one was black and one pink or another color...LOL
    I have seen people with waaaay mismatched socks on....that is funny as well....Thanks for the smile for the beginning of my day...Monday..UGH
    No, this is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Ps. 118:24 So I will rejoice in it, no matter what it brings....
    Love the new blog look.

  3. hee hee - i see the shoes too :) at least they're a similar style!

  4. Ok I have to admit I had to read the comments first to see the problem. I would have let you go out the door!!
    Have a great day Lovella...

  5. I laughed too and wondered if I was seeing things..good thing hubby looked at your feet:)

  6. I see the problem...at least you caught it before you left. A few years ago I had 2 different shoes (by same maker, but one with open heel ) and my SIL mentioned it to me after church...she noticed, but I didn't.

  7. i looked and looked, and thought, you look great as always.....and then chuckled a the shoes.....too bad he caught that....you would have given your friends a good chuckle to start the day!!!!! smile.

  8. Feet! I love how my peeps usually come with 2 different colored socks on...they like that and at their age they can get away with it....not at ours! People would think we lost our minds....all cuteness gone. Good thing you have a guy that takes an up and down. OK....from the feet up you really do not look like a few minutes to the door...tell me the truth??! :):)
    How fun to go for coffee with your friends every Sunday morning....you're own cups in hand. Kahty

  9. Two different shoes! Yup, been there, done that...

    We too meet on Sunday mornings for coffee with dear friends. If someone is absent we miss them, no pressure. There's still coffee.

  10. Another good reason to wear a hat. When you are wearing a great hat no one notices your shoes. You could wear bedroom slippers and no one would notice!

  11. I'm smiling at that...and surprised that he noticed. I can't say I've ever tried that one...but I have had a label on the outside of a top.

  12. OK..I looked and looked...and yes, there you are with two different shoes. Way to go!
    I might add you to my list of Country Bumpkins.
    I have appeared with my clothes inside out...a tad embarrassing.
    He made a good point!

  13. I had to read the comments - and I looked twice - thought you looked fantastic - I especially like your scarf. Didn't even notice the shoes :)

  14. Hilarious. At first I thought, "Wow, I think she looks cute, wonder what he didn't like" Then looked a little more closely. The shoes!

  15. I've done that! I've worn two different shoes to work before. Hee hee.

    At least you weren't wearing two different shoes WITH two different socks.

    Oh Lovella. You crack me up.

  16. I really like your jeans... they look great on you ... that's what I will say... but because you said something, I saw the shoes....

  17. Shoes! LOL! That looks like something I might do. Glad I am not alone. :0)

  18. It took a moment, and then I saw and laughed out loud. What would you do without that guy?! Oh yes, you said the friends didn't mind informality, and laughter is good for us all.

  19. lol.... I thought you looked really cute and didn't notice till I went back to see what was wrong... No worries.... you looked hot anyway, but it's a good thing you have a man with a good eye.


  20. Too funny!! You're a good sport to put up a photo!
    I once went out with one brown and one black shoe - how embarrassing that was.

  21. Funny, I didn't notice either at first...just thought you looked great for 15 minutes prep...it would take me that long to convince my hair to come out of pillow mode!!
    I think I have that same scarf :)


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