bird hair

You just have to smile at the fuzz at the top of the head.
The mother bird was creating such a fuss while I was gardening. .
and then I noticed a few feet away this youngster gawking at me.
I removed myself from the scene. .
and peace prevailed in the garden once again.

Happy Friday!

All for now .. .


  1. Awwww... How sweet!!
    A mother's heart beats the same in any creature, doesn't it?

  2. I've got the bird's complement this thought. Don't we all fuss over everything just the same?

  3. That fuzz is too cute!! Wish I could say the same for my hair :0)
    Have a great day and weekend Lovella!

  4. The fuzzy headed little bird is so cute! I hope he managed to get himself off the ground and back up to his nest okay.

  5. I like your title...and maybe I'll switch from using 'bed head' to 'bird head' in the mornings. Good shot!

  6. that is just so cute.....
    at first i read bad hair...
    great picture.

  7. I love it!! That's just the kind of hair Laura has - I often call her a little bird. :)

  8. That is a fuzzy little tuft. The other day on my walk I just stopped and listened to all the birds singing early in the morning. It was beautiful! Kathy

  9. It's cute on him but I hate it when it happens to me :) I need to go check on the robin nest I found - I'm sure they are probably hatched too.


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