personal shopper for "me"

Yesterday morning . ..
we looked at our bare bones street map and headed in the general direction of Pike Place Mall.
We are doing better at bare bones street finding and just as we are ready to head home. .
we have a sense of what is where in the fair city of Portland.
One of the things we have learned is that people are exceptionally kind and friendly where ever we go.
The clerks in the stores were interested in where we've been and why we camp this time of year. . and they are fascinated to know about the cold north.
The fine looking and very mannerly young man at Banana Republic sang O Canada for us and told us how he learned it in grade school in Indiana along with the Lord's Prayer.
He had us in stitches as we were selecting Polo shirts for my beloved.
The highlight of the day was our stop at J Crew.
I saw the offer in the store window to ask for a personal shopper . ..
and had no intention of taking them up on the offer as I shop the sale rack and would have been intimidated by the notion that they would try to sell me a rack full of clothes I wouldn't be able to afford.
The salesgirl Ciera found me and offered first a few helpful hints about how to roll up the jeans I was wearing as I tried on a top or two.
Then came her hints about how to add in the clothes I was trying on with items I might already have at home.
Then. ..she wrapped me in belts and tucked and eased and before I knew it. .
my beloved and I were engaged in a two hour lesson on how I should be dressing.
She offered tips on appropriate attire for someone of my age . .
which I trusted as she herself was my age and looked classy and beautiful.
So . .we left the store with a bag full of sale rack items and then implemented her suggestions at Nordstroms rack store.
Oh. . .fun times.
What was really fun was that the person I dress for. . .was enthused and involved and . .
adding his own opinion which I always value.
So . .
today my friends we are heading back home.
I'm estimating our time of arrival to be around dinner time. .
and I'm hoping. .
that some wee ones will show up around that time . .
because we'll be ordering pizza . .
grammie is coming home darlings.
All for now . . .


  1. Safe journey home, Lovella.
    It sounds like you found a great sales lady - and of course you had your best and most supportive critic with you, so how could you go wrong?!

  2. I would love to find a personal shopper just like that - one my age who looked classy. I love when younger salesclerks are helpful but I'm always a bit doubtful about their advice:)

    I don't think my husband would be a great help - in fact I don't think I'd get him inside the store. We have our own plan that works - he wanders Canadian Tire, the grocery store, the fishing shop - I wander the clothing and Department stores - then we meet in the bookstore :)

  3. Love that mall and that store. I too usually only go for the sales rack. The clothes look great on you. I love Cannon beach as well so it has been wonderful "coming along" for a few days. Hope you have a great trip back home.

  4. Oh I can imagine the joy when those grands run to their Grandma and Grandpa's waiting arms!

  5. Have a safe trip home... watch that third lane, and be nice to the border guards! smile...
    I know you've had a wonderful time but you will be eager to embrace what (WHO) you have missed !

    You won't believe my verification word !! 'cation' one letter away from caution ... so BE CAREFUL !!!
    I'll be praying for all to be well!!!

  6. Oh that sounds like a hoot, Lovella! Glad you had that fun. Whoohoo pizza at home tonight...sounds like a great homecoming.

  7. A same age personal shopper is a jewel! My one experience with such a service was likewise useful and insightful. But...I really liked that my husband was there with the affirming nod as confirmation.

    My DIL folds her jeans up, and I am giving the concept a whirl too. Not crazy about it though...I keep mentally thinking "these jeans need to be hemmed!"

  8. Wow! I've never experienced that kind of attention before. I'm so glad that you did and that you enjoyed it. Happy journey home!

  9. Darling look!!!!! so happy for you that you found someone you could trust along with Mr T and got yourself some fun new cloths for the summer.
    Hope those little arms are waiting to great you. Looking forward to seeing you too. Kathy

  10. That sounds like so much fun!At our age we don't necessarily always want to ask those questions, and its nice when someone you feel you can trust gives honest opinions and good suggestions.

  11. A personal shopper? I could use one of those...since I find it much more fun to shop for others than for myself. It looks like you fared well!

    Have a safe trip home...and may your grands be awaiting your return!

  12. How fun!!! That sounds like a great experience! And, I just have to mention that J Crew sweaters are the very best ones for felting to make flowers. :) I'm always happy to find one (albeit for $2 or less). Enjoy being home!

  13. Lookout little ones...a new, trendier, classier, grandma will be greeting you on your visits:) You look so good on the pictures and I loved the 2 hour discussion that the two of you had on how you should dress. I smiled so much at that! You see, I am a grandma too and just happened to have had some of those same discussions with the great guy I live with. The stores you mentioned were sure to produce some good results for you. That along with your sense of style that you already posessed...will produce a grandma that will make them all proud.

    Thank you for sharing this fun trip with all of us. Enjoyed it all!

  14. You look gorgeous Lovella.


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