Mennonite Girls Can Cook meets Ellen

Yesterday a representation of the Canadian Mennonite Girls Can Cook went across the line to meet our one American. . .adopted Mennonite Girl .. .
named Ellen who's blog is called The Happy Wonderer.

Anneliese, Judy, Marg, Kathy and I left from my house at 8:30 am to head down to La Conner to see the tulip festival and to meet up with Ellen at Seeds Restaraunt.

This is what a car load of bloggers looks like when it passes a field of tulips.
I just had to get out of the car and take a picture of the bunch of them . .
oh we laughed yesterday . .
a lot.

I had told Ellen who came from the southern direction of Seattle ..
"we'll aim to be at Seeds at 11:30 but give me your cell phone number just in case we get there early . . .maybe you'll get there early too."
And so she did . . .and I gave her mine.

I pulled into Seeds restaurant parking lot at 10:30 and saw Ellen pull in at the same time.

Since we were so early .. .
we did one lap up the street and back . . .
poking around the antique stores and looking for anyone who would make eye contact with six camera toting girls ..
We found a few along the way.

I was thinking later in the evening how over and over again I've been so amazed at what lovely people blogging has sent my way.
We chatted easily over lunch . .not strangers at all but rather good friends who found chatting in person even easier than from blog to blog.

I made sure they each had an opportunity for their own Life magazine from the date of their birth.

After lunch. . . Ellen drove south since she had already seen the tulip festival several weeks ago . .
and the rest of us headed to tulip town.

I'm the one that looks like a King Alfred daffodil.

I won't begin to try to convince you that the weather was just as we had hoped.
I will tell you though that it only started spitting as we were making our last 100 meter dash back the the entrance barn.

This picture was taken just as it began to rain and my camera lens was starting to feel foggy in the center.

We missed Julie and Bev who couldn't come from the valley . .
and Charlotte and Betty who are in the Prairies.

We made a special point of talking behind their back . .
and smiling as we did. .
they would have liked what we said. . .
planning a time we can all be together.

Bloggers are a unique people .. .
and because we have yet another unique blog that we share ..
we never ran out of ingredients to talk about. .
nor methods to compare . .
why we are the way we are.

We talked about the people we care about in bloggy land . .
and the opportunities we have to make new friends.

We talked about the people that visit our blogs and compared ideas of what people like to read about when they stop by.

We talked about our heritage and Ellen's and how they intersect in the land our parents were born.

It was a really good day.
I'm so blessed to have had it . . .
and I look forward to more just like that . .
with the rest of the girls.

All for now . .


  1. I'm smiling as I read this - what a lovely day - and how fun that you were finally able to meet Ellen face to face!

    How about you girls meet in the land of Anne next? Um, maybe to sample our lobster and potatoes? Are they Mennonite dishes?? :)

  2. Oh what a wonderful I wish I could have been there!! I smiled at the photos and could tell that you all had such a good time, esp the one of the 'camera girls' in the car:)

  3. Having just come from Judy's Front Porch, I am tickled to read your account of the day. Just wonderful and it sounds as if you all had an amazing opportunity to share, have fun, and grow your relationships. The pictures are great!

  4. Those tulips are so pretty. I miss being able to grow them here in Florida. I'm laughing to think of six girls, all smiling and chatting and armed with cameras! :)

  5. What a great day you had - those tulips!! The idea of six camera-toting blogger gals is a bit daunting! I'll be the folks from La Conner will be talking about it for years!

  6. There is just nothing like a group of blogging gals getting together! Love it!
    Your photos are wonderful Lovella. You can see that imposing cloud over your heads in that King Alfred Daffodil shot...
    I really enjoyed reading your summary of our day..
    What a blessing it is to be with a group of ladies who love the Lord, each other, food, and good adventures!

  7. I'm still smiling, Lovella! It was the perfect field trip. Oh...and I love Islandsparrow's suggestion of a 'convention' in PEI.

  8. Oh this is a great post and a big
    ... for organizing it and having the best of times!

    Smiles ♥


  9. It feels lovely to be missed... but not soo nice that I had to be !! smile..
    Love your photos! I can easily imagine the good time you had!

    (hmmm.. my word verication is 'sulti' ... now why would sulking come to mind ?? smile)

  10. How to have fun over 50 will be my next post...
    Age does not matter, it's being with people of like minds and like interests which makes for one amazing adventure.
    Soon we will be cruising to Ukraine to discover our real roots....Who knows what's next on the radar screen.

  11. Okay, King Alfred Daffodil ... that was the best day I've had with girlfriends in a long time...
    love seeing the different angles of the same story... your tulip photos are gorgeous!

  12. Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for unique friendships! Border crossings and sharing food and heritage are a great way to continue those friendships! May more of those days happen. I loved the photo of the camera carrying bloggers!

  13. Terrific! What a great thing to be together. The sky looks pretty dramatic.

  14. Once in a while one reads a blog and finds herself wishing that she had been a part of the adventure being written about. Well, today is that time for me. You all looked like you were having one fun day together, and I wanted to be there. The tulip fields are something that I have never seen in my lifetime. Another reason that I wanted to be there. The privilege of discussing your heritages together must have been special, and to have someone to discuss blogging with must really have been fun. This was a great, real life post on a group of beautiful women who have proved themselves over and over to me...via the MWCC blog.

  15. what a fun day!! looks like you guys had a great time. and how fun to connect in person! the tulips look absolutely stunning as well!

  16. The Lord provided such a wonderful memory for all of you ladies....How fabulous to be with friends in God's beautiful creation.
    Be Blessed dear sisters.

  17. Makes me wish I was a Mennonite with ya all...or that I could cook. (ha!)

    Glad you had a great day of it.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 3/4 adopted

  18. Oh this is just wonderful! What a blessing to spend a day together like that. I loved the photos Lovella and it looks like the warmth of friends and good conversation outweighed the cold and rain.!

  19. Wow what stunning pictures. I had it in my heart to get up there last week. We were in Seattle for several days, but other circumstances were more pressing.

    I was wondering if you would mind me saving copies of a few of your photos for possible future paintings? I was inspired :D

  20. It sure was a fun day! Friends, laughter, food and fun. The only thing missing were the other time. Kathy

  21. I enjoyed reading this, Lovella. I always visit Judy's blog and sometimes Marg's but I don't think I've come by yours. It was nice to see your photos and perspective on the day. Blogging has certainly made the world a smaller, friendlier place for many!

  22. I've already read up on Judy's post, "My Front Porch", where I'm a regular. And then caught wind of the same "Tulip Festival" trip via my sisters blog, "In a Garden". about fun and all bloggers. And some of you met in person for the first time, excellent! Love this world of blogging!!

    Thanks for sharing with the rest of us...

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures


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