Is it just me. . .
or does this saying "apricot" sound much happier than orange?

I wore a beautiful apricot candle lighter dress when I was eight. .
I still have it.
Every girl should have a chance to be a candle lighter at a wedding.
I can still remember running around outside with my friend Shirley who was the other candlelighter. I can't recall if we were chasing the boys or if the boys were chasing us. . .but clearly it is one of my earlier spectacular memories.

I had the most incredible urge to run down the rows of these tulips on Monday.
I reminded myself that I am a mature woman now. .
but still .. .
I wanted to.
I love a good storm. . .
but not near as much as I love the quiet that comes after.

All for now . . .


  1. Oh I do love apricot so much better then orange! Beautiful Lovella. Candle lighting at an early age can be fun I dread it when they want the mother to light the candles now. All I can think about is my behind being the focal point up on that stage :0)

  2. I'm enjoying your colourful post of the last few days. Yes, Apricot sounds much nicer than orange!

  3. Articles were published about the San Diego flower farms which discussed the psychological effect of massed color. The doctors observed that people wandering though the fields would often start acting a bit giddy, smiling and giggling, skipping, twirling etc. Apparently the colors somehow did wonders to up happiness.

    Is such feelings that easy to access just because one is surrounded by color? I say yes! Bring on flowers everywhere!

  4. Beautiful photos, just like yesterday. mmmmm apricot does sound better than orange, like you could eat it.

  5. Lovella, I agree apricot sounds better than orange, richer in color and more flavorful..and had I been there we would have run through those rows of tulips..mature or not:)
    Beautiful photos..tulips as far as the eye can see!

  6. Reading Jill's comment makes me smile...just like wandering (even virtually) through fields of luscious colors and flowers! I do love apricot...it reminds me of a special little boy's hair color!)

  7. Oh...I think we are in for a rainbow of tulip colours. How about 'cerise, crimson, magenta, razzberry...'? We can re-visit those lovely fields for awhile yet! Your apricot field photos are beautiful...even the storm pic.

  8. Definitely apricot!

    I'd love to be twirling through those tulips with you - the colours make me happy!

    You should check out a youtube that Suzanne posted - I think that will make you happy too.


  9. That's funny...I felt the same. I wanted to jump over all the rows and play hide n seek...
    It brought back the little girl in all of us.
    Apricot? Not really. What's wrong with me?

  10. I hear you... Oh, and how fun it would have been to run down those tulip isles if the sun had shone ... Maybe the looks would have been even crazier than 5 women in raingear taking serious closeup shots of the tulips.

  11. loving your tulip posts

    AND your new blog coloring - pretty!

  12. I'm so far behind on commenting!!! I just love all the tulip pictures and they look terrific against your new blog look!!! Perfect for spring. So glad you had such a fun ladies' outing.

  13. Apricot jam....my favorite! Have you ever tried my apricot cream cheese coffee cake on MGCC? You should try while you have apricot on the mind. Kathy (MGCC)

  14. Lovella, I just love following your blog as well as MGCC. My boys laugh at me and say that I must be your biggest fan, but actually they are often looking over my shoulder and are just as interested. Like me, my son really admires your photos. What kind of camera do you have? You are using the many talents that the Lord has given you, well done!

  15. elI would like to take copies of the pictures that you shared the last few days, enlarge them, frame them and put them on all the walls of my family room. I just loved all those vibrant, beautiful colors of tulips. Quite honestly, I would have held back the urge to run down through the rows of tulips too. Thank you for sharing every picture...apricot tulips and all.


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