jantzen rv and shopping

We arrived at Jantzen RV park right around noon.
While he hooked up the appropriate hoses. .
I opened up a can of salmon and lunch and being set up coincided perfectly.
Right across the street is a selection of stores and we ventured across to see what we could find.
In Target .. .I went my way and he went his and we met back like we usually do.
I wasn't done and he was so he walked across the parking lot to best buy.
Once I finished my first sweep of shopping there . .
I rang him up and he met me at B. coat factory and he followed me around ..
offering helpful suggestions for his and his lil' farm hand's wardrobe.
He just couldn't get over the fact that for $99 (taxes in) he could be the proud owner of a swanky tuxedo. . . .
. . .complete with trim.
Needless to say . .
the only bag we brought home was the one from the first store we visited.
And. . .
that my dear readers is just a peek into what is in store for me ..
We're heading to Lloyd center mall.
That last time we were there . . .
I was a bride for less than a week.
I'll let you know if it still all looks as wonderful as it did ..
back then.


  1. That sounds like our kind of shopping trip - me in Ross or Kohl's or Target and The Great Dane in Best Buy or Lowe's. We both have fun!
    Very cute suits for your little ones!

  2. Oh shoot. He shoulda gotten the tux. B. bought one the year we had "events" and a cruise on the calendar and it has been such fun to have a tux at the ready for any and all occasions. Imagine getting coffee at Starbucks in the morning with T. in a tux...you in your old prom dress...

    Have fun at Lloyds. I haven't been there since the 70's!

  3. I'm thinking that Jantzen Beach was once home to some world class amusement park...and a shopping centre took it's place. Who needs an amusement park...it seems shopping itself can be quite amusing! It's a good thing Terry has a good sense of humour when it comes to shopping.

  4. Sounds like you had a fun shopping trip! Hubby and I usually are in and out of stores at the same time..both of us are not great shoppers.

  5. Sounds like you're having an ideal vacation! Blessings!

  6. You had me wondering there for a second....what a hoot! I know...it's the new outfits for the first trip out in the rod.
    You better get shopping! The week is running out of days....but I'm thinking today is your day.
    BTW...like Jill said he may need the suit for a cruise .....or something:) Wear something comfy and go for it today.

  7. Looking forward to hearing what the reunion with the center is...

  8. thanks for sharing your vacation with us, I am enjoying every minute . . .and I love your pretty polka dot background

  9. It is so much fun hearing about these ordinary events of your vacation. It seems to me, that the two of you could have fun anywhere you visited...with or without a tuxedo.


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