just a word or two on bloggers

We are all the same. .
and we are all different.
Bloggers that is.
Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of lunching with a group of bloggers.
Normally when I tick off boxes of things that apply to my person . .
it has recently seemed that as far as my age goes . .
the box I tick is lower and lower in the row. . .
but when I sent in my rsvp . .there was no age limit box to tick and so before they had a chance to change their mind. . .
I whipped up a wee batch of Charlottes Maple Twists . .
printed off my map. .
and drove under big black and white poofy clouds to the bloggy luncheon party.
Upon arriving ..
I was greeted with hugs as girls who have been friends a long time tend to do.
I was made to feel welcome and comfortable in the home I had never been.
About the blogging girls . . .
I met their beautiful children . .
I saw the kindness in the friendship between them . .
I saw the love they have for their families .. .both immediate and extended. . .
and I recognized the connection between us all.
What we talked about . .
We wondered about the people that read our blog . . .but don't want us to know that they do . .
we wondered about people who leave comments but not their name . . .
we shared our reasons for blogging . .
and how it has brought groups of women together . .
being encouraged and encouraging along the way.
So ..
that is how I spent 2.5 hours yesterday afternoon.
I'd say it was time well spent.
I'd like to thank the lovely hostess and her dear friend who came from far away to visit.
They were the two girls within the group who's blogs I always read and who inspired the beginning of the blog you read today.
When I read their blogs . ..
I offer a word in response . .
and then . . .
I always leave my name . .
because that is who I am.


  1. Crazy world, this blogging world is. I'm a blog commenter who doesn't keep a blog of her own! I appreciate those of you who go out on a limb and invite us in to your world, if only for a moment.

    And because my profile name is a bit ambiguous...signed, Kathy :-)

  2. Blogging is such fun - and it's even more fun to meet bloggy friends IRL. I think it keeps us older gals younger - and that is a good thing:) Now, I'm going to check out your bloggy friends' blogs.
    another Kathie :)

  3. You are so fortunate! What a lovely way to spend 2.5 hours of an afternoon. I would have loved to have heard that discussion. Sometimes I wonder to myself, how all of this happened? I liked hearing the questions you all had too. Good looking group...the three of you. I want to now visit their blogs also.

  4. It's another way of connection...Young and old have found this fascinating way of sharing life with each other.
    sound like you had a wonderful day..and you all look wonderful for your age.

  5. what a great picture of the three of you. i'm glad any age difference didn't hold you back from coming - it was wonderful to meet you and share this blogging connection. I quite enjoy meeting women who are ahead of me on this life journey, to any degree.
    and those Charlottes Maple Twists....divine!

  6. What fun...to spend a morning with a group of young blogging moms...encouraging and being encouraged. And if I connect enough dots...I think I might almost know one or two of your blogging gals. I love that game!

  7. lovella,

    it was such a priviledge to meet you yet again and to sit and chat as if we were old friends! thank you for coming to an event that may or may not have been completely in your comfort zone. i'm glad you felt warmly welcomed because i'm sure we all enjoyed your company (i know i did!)

  8. wow! I love it! What a surprise to see a picture of the three of you as I arrived at your blog this morning. I read all three of your blogs and just felt such a sense of excitement that the three of you met together because of the connection you have via blogs. How awesome it is to see older and younger women connecting and encouraging like this! Thank you all for writing. I feel privileged to read each of your blogs. You all encourage and challenge me and affirm so many of the things I often feel. I have learned so much from watching you allow yourselves to be vulnerable. Thank you~! --Amber

  9. Beautiful picture ... and one that says... we are all women who need each other... to give and take.. to encourage and learn from...So glad you had a great time! I knew you would!
    We're off on our hike.!!!! Yay!!!

  10. Oh what fun. I'm glad you took the time to go Lovella. Looks like you fit right in :0)

  11. It was simply divine to 'meet' you finally. As I mentioned before, you were exactly what I thought you'd be like. And now I adore you even more. What a blessing it was to share as though we knew one another for our whole lives. So so great. We WILL do it again soon. I'll bring the babies over for some baked goodies and a look at the chickens. YAY!

  12. What a lovely picture of all of you! It was great to meet you and be able to now read your blog! :)

  13. I enjoyed this post. Blogging has been a real blessing to me and help me in ways I never thought possible.

  14. I love reading your blog and seeing the wonderful creation that God has provided thru your pictures.
    I don't blog, but love reading many. It gives me a glimpse into the lives of God's children and their hearts, from many different areas of His Earth. He is so Wonderful!!!
    Thank you for your blog and your friendliness to all.
    Love in Him,
    And my name is Sandy Gross from High Point, NC.

  15. It was a pleasure meeting you Lovela. Thanks for your wonderful blog of thoughts and recipes. Hopefully we will see each other again soon.

  16. Who is the 'older' one?? Just can't tell!!!!!!! ;) Lil

  17. What a gift of friendship you have found amongst yourselves....that I know reaches many others too. Heidi was my gal in Pioneer Girls years ago, and I just ran into her mom a week or so ago at the grocery store with my granddaughter. Heidi was always a dear young girl and I loved hearing a little about your time together. I'm glad you went...and I'm sure they loved Char's maple twists....who doesn't! Kathy

  18. What fun!!! Heather was so sad to have missed the blogging get together! How blessed you were to be invited Lovella and how blessed all these young moms were to have spent the morning with such a wise, older woman! :-)

  19. I love meeting friends, no matter where they come from. What matters is that our paths have crossed and we are all richer for it!

    I love your new blog look! It is very fresh and pretty!


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