bungalows by the ocean

We are pulling up our stakes today and heading due east to the place where I intend to buy enough merchandise tax free to cover the bit of extra revenue we offered up to the Washington states folks.
Is there anyone who travels that doesn't fall in love with a place or two?
We have walked the lanes. . ..in Cannon Beach.
Many of them are left unpaved and as I walk .. .
I easily can create stories in my mind of the people that come and go . .
the ones that come and stay.
Since it is the type of person that I am . . .
all the folks in my stories that live in these wee bungalows . .
are friendly sorts. . .with stories that tie them together with love and laughter.
It is a wonderful place to visit . .
and if my grands lived in any one of these bungalows. .
I'd be hard pressed to find my way home.
They don't . ..and I won't .. .
for I am much like my mother I suspect . .
eager to get away ..
and more eager to come home.
(as soon as I reclaim my losses in the city where taxes do not apply)


  1. I thought I'd check back since you were closed for business before. I hope you are having a great shopping day! Maybe that unexpected cost in the beginning will even out with the "no tax" shoppping there.

  2. I love your rationalization for shopping! Have a fabulous day...and may you find everything you were looking for...and more.

    Cute beach cottages...all of them.

  3. Like Anneliese...I'm glad you are open again.
    such cute beach bungalows....you had me dreaming too. So wishing we could be running through the stores together. I'll be looking forward to coming and seeing what you found. Missing you. Kathy (MGCC)

  4. Oh yes, the bungalows there are lovely. I'm always telling my husband that if there were any kind of commerce there where we could make a living, I'd love to live there. Alas, I'm sure I'd miss the sun (I'm fr. Arizona and even Oregon is too dark for me). Cannon is just wonderful...


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