sunday drive to cannon beach

5 AM. . . .shampoo . .blow dry .. and an application of waterproof mascara.
6:30 AM . ..arrive at the US/CA border crossing to find have won the draw of a random search of ALL our belongings. ( I mentally congratulate myself for not bringing forbidden goat into the country. . .yes goat. .they asked)
7:00 AM . .a stop for some coffee and a breakfast sandwich much earlier in our drive than we expected.
8:00 AM . . . .being very careful not to exceed the speed limit ..
we are kindly pulled over by Washington States finest when we were spotted passing a slow vehicle and thereby making the poor decision to pass in the third lane.
To help us remember that this could potentially put us in danger and the other drivers around us. . .we are given a $124 ticket. We will not be venturing into the third lane. . .
9:00 AM we find ourselves in the truck lane .. .
bumping about. . .
and I faintly recall that this must be what a wee one feels like as she is bounced to sleep.
2:00 PM. . .pulling into the Safeway parking lot to buy groceries for our camping trip.
4:00 PM. . . the trailer is hooked up to every possible hookup. .
and we follow a now familiar walk to the beach.
At the top of the hill. .
I look down . ..
and allow the sea breezes to wash over me.
All for now . .


  1. Wow...I didn't know we needed to be protected from goats. Thanks for doing your part...I guess you even helped some county pay it's bills as well. Hopefully beauty, rest and joy fill the rest of the trip...although goats have to give you a giggle.

  2. Ahhhhh, in just 11 days we will be headed south to the Florida Panhandle for our first beach camping trip in many years. Last night, as hubby slept and I played on the computer, totally sleepless, I found a video of the state park where we will be going. It's a new place for us, and once again I fell in love with a place where I've never been! I cannot wait for early morning and late evening walks on the beach, hikes on the dunes, paddles around Western Lake in our canoe, and rides up the bike path to neighboring towns. Heaven!

    Thank for sharing, Becky

    PS - The video is here >>>

  3. And there I was thinking that Milliegoat might like a little vacation - if I'd known goats were expected at the border I'd have sent her right over to go with you!
    What a way to start your holiday - I must have a look at this third lane business before we head down that way again.

  4. Haystack rock...sigh. I love Cannon Beach!

    Scripture for the day:

    Matthew 25:33

    Discussion: What is God telling us about about lanes and goats?

    Application: ????? You tell me!

  5. Hey that might be the same state patrol officer who gave us our $175 ticket. They love working the weekend crowds!
    Where did you hide that goat...?
    Have a wonderful time!!

  6. I hope you got all the unpleasantries out of the way, and had an AWESOME rest of the weekend!

  7. Sounds like you got off to a rough start, but it ought to be a nice getaway from here on out. What's with the goats?

  8. What a beautiful place! ihope you have a wonderful camping trip!

  9. Keep letting those waves wash over you...Enjoy..
    I love that story of you passing in the third lane...That's such a farm thing...because they are always King of the Road.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    The ticket will be washed over the waves.

  10. Our last trip down involved handcuffs for both of us so I feel your pain!
    Not a great start but a lovely destination! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  11. All on a Sunday's drive! Sorry about the inconvenience...and the non-budgeted expense. Enjoy your seaside retreat...and keep us posted!

  12. Terry, Terry, Terry ... you should know better. The third lane is actually reserved for people who work for a living, not for holidayers. Gotta rethink those early morning trips across the border ... are they a little bored that time of the morning?!? Glad you made it safe and sound. Enjoy your time away!
    p.s. the first part is courtesy of Todd

  13. Just to think that it's only been one day and you have had quite the adventure! You can't take you own goat milk across and you can't pass in the third lane? The thing about us bloggers... we just have more to tell, right? It's all good in the end. =)
    I hope you find that vinyl hassock - and be careful not to trip on it.

  14. Oh gawd that's awful. On behalf of all Americans everywhere (including my family which includes native-born Americans as well as naturalized Brits & Canadians) please accept my apologies for the thorough search at the border and the question about goats (goats?? what WERE they thinking?) and the state trooper with the quick pad who dinged you for $124 -- please don't judge all of us by these incidents!

    If it's any consolation, I sometimes think they indulge in equal-opportunity rudeness. When we came back from White Rock in January I thought we weren't going to get home again after the guy at the Blaine crossing gave us a hard time about expiring papers (apparently forgetting that the year was 2010 and that if a document expires in 2011, we're actually good for another year.)

    For the most part, America and the Americans are pretty nice. We love it when you come down to visit us here. Please come again, any time. Your experience this time has got to be a fluke.
    Cheers! Canadian Chickadee

  15. Don't you just love it when you realize that you intelligently made the right let the goat at home? You brought a chuckle into my afternoon. The relief of not bringing your goat along, was probably quickly overshadowed by the writing out of the check to the fine officer. Life certainly does have it's ups and downs.

    Time by yourselves on the gorgeous Cannon Beach...what could be better? Will you please share it all(okay...hightlights) with us? I am still a bit puzzled as to the "why" of the waterproof mascara.

  16. I will remember that next time I think about bringing my goats across the line.
    Cannon beach looks delightful! Enjoy!
    And just a side note, the word verification of the day is "pig rap". delightful.

  17. Thanks for the heads up Lovella..we will be sure to leave the goat at home next time we want to cross the border:) We know all about the third lane but thankfully had read the signs!!
    Enjoy camping..and hope you find the hassock..thrift stores would be a great place to start looking. And now I will be checking the next time I go to the thrift store:)

  18. What a start. It will be worth it I predict! We have also helped the Washington economy in similar fashion. No goat? Who knew? Not you! Nor me.

  19. Aww.. Lovella, I always wonder at the lengths you go to to gather material for an intersting post!
    I have NEVER been asked if I am trying to smuggle goat across the line they think we EAT IT ?? first searched and a ticket too? when you are just wanting to enjoy a quiet holiday? grrrrr...
    I hope you have a wonderful thime the rest of your 'break'... with sunny warm weather, and no glitches in sight!

  20. We're heading to the States in June - thanks for the heads up on the goat. We'll leave him home :)

    Sorry about the ticket - We'll remember that too - no driving in third lane - we don't have third lanes here on PEI.

    Ah - lovely Cannon Beach - someday I'll go there.


  21. PS - I wonder if those state troopers were short of cash for TIm Horton's?? That's what we suspect when the RCMP are overactive :)

  22. Scot and I are we can relate to the added holiday expense....just this past weekend.
    Looks and sounds like the holiday is perfect.
    No goat? We always take our goat along! Kidding!
    Thinking of you every day...enjoy yourselves. Kathy (MGCC)

  23. Oh no a ticket...WA state is screaming for revenue, so they are out in full force giving out those tickets...sorry :(


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