pink day

Yesterday was a grammie day . . .

we grocery shopped . .

and I was kindly instructed to stop at the pet store which made me smile.

A two and a half year old that says. .

"come on grammie" and knows her way around the big store surely is destined to be an animal lover her whole life.

We arrived home just as grandpa was finishing chores ..

so we had to go have a look to see if chickies had arrived yet . .

and no .. they had not. . but we double checked several more times during the day . .

just to be sure.

We very carefully carried fresh from the hen house eggs to the bungalow ..

and scrambled them up for our lunch.

My daily walk was unnecessary yesterday but playing tag whilst carrying a toddler and having grandpa chasing me us . . .had me huffing and puffing and laughing so hard . . .I needed not the treadmill and indeed needed a cookie to even out the caloric count for the day.

I saw a long time ago reflection of myself a little bit yesterday.

When I was a toddler I didn't have a backpack for my dolly nor a fancy schmancy stroller . .

and not even one camera slung around my neck . .

never mind two. . .

but I made many trips around the bungalow with my dollies .. .

and suddenly I wondered where the time has gone.

This is where I am at . .

yesterday I wanted to stop the clock . .

and soak in giggles and the squeals . . .

but I can't . .

so we'll just make these grammie days count . . .

and make memories. .

one day at a time.

All for now . .


  1. One day at a time...that's our portion.
    Have a wonderful day Lovella...

  2. But oh the days! Sounds delicious!

  3. Make the most of these days - we who have grown up children know how quickly they slip by, don't we? My Great Dane brought home three hens on the weekend, but I have a feeling you're expecting a few more than three 'chickies'!

  4. Beautiful memory day that words and mental images capture better than photographs. The re-visit of the tulip fields provided just the right background for scene recorded via a non-digital means.

  5. It sounds like the perfect grammie day! And now I'm thinking about all those trips to the pet store with my oldest two grands...they don't happen anymore.

    Have a great day!

  6. I can relate to your kind of workout :) Way more fun too!!
    LOVE pink :)

  7. I know the feeling- I was posting my 25 yr old boy's baby pictures on FB yesterday . . . a quarter century doesn't seem possible.

    But . . . there's no stopping that clock - so we just need to soak up every minute!

    And blog about it :) that will help us remember every joy-filled moment.

  8. I must say, you really do enjoy your little ones. Memories are such a gift. Kathy

  9. Aww.. yes.. memories are always made TODAY.. aren't they? and enjoyed again tomorrow.
    I'm sooo thankful for our cameras that keep our memories alive.
    A sweet Grammie post, Lovella ! and gorgious tulips!

  10. What a wonderful day as a Grammie:)
    I'm liking your blue background on your blog.

  11. I love your new template...It's fun to spruce things up, isn't it.
    Your new banner is gorgeous.
    I love watching you enjoy these grammie days. I remember meeting you before you had the grandchildren...wishing and wondering and asking me questions.
    Now you have it all.
    It's a Wonderful Life.
    That's why some of us splash in puddles all over again.

  12. I love what Julie said . . . "memories are made today" Love how you record them.


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