April showers . .April flowers

Tell me the truth. .

is there any prettier time of year?

Is there anything better than breathing in the "real" scent of lilacs while capturing a rainbow against a dark stormy sky?

Taking pictures against the blue skies is my favorite .. .

or is it the dark stormy skies?

The verdict is still out on that question.

I wonder . .. is God pleased when we keep our tiny patches on the globe trimmed and clean?

I'm pretty sure. .

this is my favorite time of year.

How many times have I shown you the raspberries across the road?

I'm pretty sure. . .

when you least expect it. .

you'll see them one more time. .

or maybe two .. or three . .or . .

All for now . .


  1. Spring is glorious. Your photos capture it well :0)

  2. The scent of lilacs IS spring to so many people! We used to drive up to the San Diego back hills to buy big jugs of mountain lilacs from a man who grew them on his acres. Wandering through his lilac trees of so many colors was a heady experience. Thanks for jogging that memory for me.

    Watching snow falling heavily as I type...

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Lovella. I would imagine that God is pleased when we practice good stewardship with that which is in our care.

    I do miss the scent of lilacs and other flowering shrubs and plants.

  4. I love the scent of lilacs. I don't have a bush but I think I'll plant one this year. Our tulips are just about to open. Lilacs will be a while yet - but everything is early this year. I'm loving it!

    Oh dear - snow - my sympathies Jill.

  5. This is new growth time in nature....trusting our hearts are also experiencing new growth. Nice photos. Kathy

  6. Beautiful snapshots of spring, Lovella!

    Your new spring header looks great. I'm wondering how you did that...

  7. And I have to say that I love taking care of God's creations...even the little row of raspberries that we have. The other day, I put mushroom compost around them...doing anything to make them flourish...and of course let those little grands come by and pick them.
    Great photos and great reflections.

  8. Beautiful! The sky has been so dramatic lately. I definitely feel like I'm partnering in God's art when I'm taking care of my gardens!

  9. Your blog and this post are both so beautiful! Love the new header picture and the blue color.

  10. Nice blog. Each and every shot on your blog looks so perfect. I admire those lenses you are having. They are so vivid and charming.


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