flowers for Auntie Eleanor

Yesterday I attended the memorial service in honor of my aunt . .

my dad's sister.

She was ready to go home to heaven and at age 93 had looked forward to seeing those she loved.

It surprised me how my emotions came to the surface as soon as the service began.

Knowing that we were singing the songs that meant so much to her and to so many of us that love the Lord Jesus caused me to both sing out beside my sister in laws and then drop off to silence . .

when the words reminded me of my own parents who have been gone so long already.

My Dad and his sister who were both adopted were born in the same year but my dad's birth year was adjusted to be one year younger .. .to avoid questions of how two children within one family could be so close together.

They were loved and that was all that mattered to the two young children.

How thankful I am for my grandma and grandpa who brought the two youngsters to Canada to a place where they could raise their children with freedom in what they believed.

The tributes from her children and her daughter by love and her granddaughter and the slide show . .all added to the beautiful service that was the last act of love for the mother that had birthed ten children.. . and who loved them all so much.

My siblings and I sent flowers of course . .

as they did when we lost first our mom and then our dad.

I wondered who to call . .

I wanted the flowers to be just right.

I remembered then . .

a bloggy friend . who had once called to use a few acorns for boutonnieres.

She was more than happy to make us an arrangement . .

and now. .

she'll be my forever florist.

Call Jan's Floral Design when someone special needs a bouquet . . .

you'll be glad you did.

I wonder .. how far will she deliver?

All for now . .


  1. Lovella, your words and flowers were beautiful. One by one a generation leaves us, and question like you asked: what flowers shall I send? has been asked by so many.

    The answer is the one you hinted at: send flowers that are beautful, and let them be just right gazing upon while pondering memories of a life that was and a soul that is now eternal.

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  3. Beautiful tribute and flowers. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. A beautiful tribute to your aunt, Lovella. As the generation before us passes and we become the elders, it's good to have a chance to think about the ones that went before us, taught us, were an example to us - so that we can go on to do the same for those that come behind us.
    .........and when I need flowers delivered in Abbotsford, I know who to call - what a gorgeous website that was!

  5. The flowers were beautiful...and if I need an arrangement in your area...I know exactly who I will call.

    A lovely tribute to your aunt...and your grandparents as well.

  6. Thanks Lovella, I was more than happy to design
    a floral tribute for your family. I so understand the whole adoption thing now that we have our sweet little Gracie in our family to love. There are so many little "lost lambs" out there that need to be embraced.
    It is so wonderful that your father and aunt also had that chance to be embraced and loved.

  7. It hurts in our hearts to see our loved ones go...better yet, we have those wonderful memories...that reminds me, maybe I should send flowers to my aunts while they are still alive.
    Maybe for Mother's Day? Seeing I do not have a mother.
    Something to put on my to do list...
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of her life.

  8. I find that so interesting that birthdates could be altered so easily! I mean, who wouldn't want to be a year younger!!!!!??!?! I think perhaps you've found the proverbial fountain of youth! Hee hee.

    Gorgeous flowers. Your aunt seemed like such a special lady. She was lucky to have such a sweet niece.

  9. What are the chances that they deliver to the East Coast? The flowers are truly beautiful! Those old hymns sure did get to me too, at each of my grandparents and my dad's Memorial Service too, especially when we all sang, "Precious Memories". What a remarkable lady she must have been, as were your grandparents to welcome these two with open arms, into their family. Great post!

  10. A beautiful tribute to your aunt. I know that I have met her in years gone by. I'm sorry you had to say good-bye to another family member...
    The flowers were beautiful and I'll check out your florist friend... If she doesn't deliver far enough I think I could meet her halfway! smile...

  11. Beautifully expressed thoughts and the flowers are gorgeous, Jan!

  12. Lovella ....Thank you so very much for attending mom's celebration of life service. She was amazing!!! To think of all the life changes that your dad and Eleanor saw leaves me sitting here with my mouth open :) In awe of the legacy that they have left us.....praying that my faith would be as strong as theirs and my life a testimony of God's faithfulness.
    Thanks again for the BEAUTIFUL flowers....Jan is the best!!!

  13. You can tell she was an aunt well loved..and such a lovely tribute.
    The flowers are beautiful.

  14. Sorry to hear of your loss lovella. And you're right, very beautiful boquet :) I like that you're giving a shout out to local people.


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